Zhai Xiaowen’s confused speech led to controversial fans’ grievances and was badly cut by the marketing number

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After the latest issue of “we who are new to the workplace · forensic season” was broadcast, some clips in the program also triggered heated discussions among netizens. As a guest, Zhai Xiaowen’s confused speech caused controversy, and many female sex netizens accused Zhai Xiaowen. Zhai Xiaowen’s fans also complained on the Internet that Zhai Xiaowen had been maliciously edited by the marketing number. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhai Xiaowen’s confused speech leads to controversy

In the program, everyone talked about the topic of pain. Other guests said that if the pain is divided into ten grades, the birth of children is in Grade 7 to 9. In the video of the marketing number, Zhai Xiaowen has always stressed that hitting the corner of the table is even more painful than having a child. In the mouth of the marketing number, Zhou Yutong, the female guest in the program, turned her eyes when she heard Zhai Xiaowen say so. Obviously, Zhou Yutong could not accept Zhai Xiaowen’s statement. Many female netizens, after watching this clip, naturally, are also the team zhouyutong, who angrily criticized Zhai Xiaowen.

Because any woman will feel that having a baby is more painful than hitting the corner of the table. However, everyone was really cheated by the marketing number. In the program, the guest said that the pain of giving birth to a child was between Grade 7 and 9. Zhai Xiaowen said that he had installed a corner of the table and asked the teacher if he had grade 10. The teacher said no. As a result, Zhai Xiaowen thought that hitting the corner of the table was more painful than having a child. It can only be said that there is no reason to add guilt, so fans will complain for Zhai Xiaowen.

Zhaixiaowen is cut by the marketing number

In addition, zhouyutong didn’t turn a blind eye to Zhai Xiaowen in the program. The little friends who have seen the program “we are new to the workplace · forensic season” should know that the interaction between zhouyutong and zhaixiaowen in the program is very interesting, and the two people also have a lot of CP powder because of this program. Therefore, I hope you will not misunderstand Zhai Xiaowen any more, and you like variety shows. You can catch up with us · forensic season when you are new to the workplace, if you are interested in the forensic industry.

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