Zhan Changsha: the original author wrote an article for Yang Zi, saying that girls are really hard

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Yang Zi’s recent affair with Liu Xueyi has been hotly debated by many netizens. The original author of Zhan Changsha wrote an article for Yang Zi to hold her grievances, but said that girls were really hard. Yang Zi played in the play “war against Changsha” a long time ago, but the original author of “war against Changsha” was also very fond of Yang Zi. This time, it is estimated that Yang Zi has been rumored by some black fans before she comes out.

Zhang Changsha, the original author of the war, wrote an article to protect Yang Zi from injustice

However, the king said that the most vigilant thing for girls should be the unexplained peach news. However, the king said that it was really difficult for girls to come out to work, especially when the work was beautiful. Because there are countless hands all the time, who want or are pulling girls down. However, the king’s article is obviously a hint that someone is deliberately framing Yang Zi to see her fall.

But the king’s words, I believe Yang Zi’s fans should be very sympathetic. Yang Zi is exposed by the paparazzi about her affair with Liu Xueyi. Even though both parties have denied it, and the paparazzi has not photographed the intimate behaviors of two people such as hugging and kissing, they still want to slander Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi for being in love through editing and stealing time.

Zhan Changsha: the original author said that girls are really hard

Yang Zi is the top of the 90 flowers. Yang Zi and delireba are the representatives of the 90 flowers. However, in the anti drama, Yang Zi is still a little more brilliant. As the top class, there will naturally be many rivals behind them, and many people envy and hate to pull Yang Zi into the water. However, Yang Zicai and Huan Rui have just terminated their contract to work on their own. Naturally, they are not mature in public relations. It’s obvious that some capital wants to take advantage of this period to attack Yang Zi and destroy her status in the entertainment circle. I still hope that we will not be led by capital and believe our feelings.

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