Zhang Dayi was exposed to be looking for a new lover to travel with his rich second-generation boyfriend, and the photos were stripped out

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Many gourd eaters should be very familiar with Zhang Dayi. Zhang Dayi’s junior intervened in Jiang Fan’s marriage. Jiang Fan finally gave up his original match and came together with Zhang Dayi. Everyone thought the two would get married, but they didn’t expect to go their separate ways. Zhang Dayi was exposed to be looking for another lover, and netizens also showed photos of Zhang Dayi traveling with his rich second-generation boyfriend. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Zhang Dayi is exposed to be looking for another lover

Zhang Dayi denied the news that Zhang Dayi would marry Jiang Fan on the Internet before long, and it was not long before the news that Zhang Dayi and Jiang Fan broke up. Recently, netizens have found out that Zhang Dayi has met a new boyfriend, a rich second generation man named liaojunhao. Zhang Dayi and Liao Junhao also secretly took photos on the social platform. From the background of the photos, the two people should go out on a cruise together.

Moreover, before being stripped out of photos of going out with Liao Junhao, Zhang Dayi also posted a picture of a man holding Zhang Dayi’s pet dog on his social platform. Although Zhang Dayi deliberately cut off the man’s head, from the perspective of his body shape, he is really similar to Liao Junhao. Moreover, this dynamic of Zhang Dayi can’t be found now. It seems that it has been deleted by Zhang Dayi.

Zhang Dayi travels with the second generation of Fu

After Zhang Dayi’s love affair with Liao Junhao was exposed, netizens who claimed to be Liao Junhao’s friends also broke the news. The netizen said that Liao Junhao is indeed in contact with Zhang Dayi now, but Liao Junhao is afraid of being discovered by netizens, so he dare not open his relationship with Zhang Dayi openly, and can only fall in love quietly. Previously, some netizens commented on the dynamics of Liao Junhao and asked about the relationship between Liao Junhao and Zhang Dayi, which was also hacked by Liao Junhao. It seems that liaojunhao also knows that Zhang Dayi is a poor passer-by, and is afraid of being scolded by netizens after he has an open relationship with Zhang Dayi.

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