Zhang Fei and Cao Cao are actually relatives: strange in laws produced by the snatching of relatives

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An analysis of marriage psychology in the Three Kingdoms period

The year 200 A.D. is a very lively year. History has arranged many wonderful passages to be performed intensively in this year.

Of course, the most lively is the battle of Guandu. This episode happened in October, when yuanshao became the second eldest and Cao Cao became the second eldest; In April, Guan Yunchang, a temporary employee of Cao Cao, staged a dramatic action blockbuster, killing Yan Liang, a young general of Yuan Shao’s; The most shocking story is in Jiangdong. Sun CE, a handsome young man, was killed by three assassins while hunting and left Daqiao Meimei prematurely.

So, which is the most joyful passage? Of course, the three generals, Zhang Fei, found a girlfriend and completed his life. Zhang Fei’s bride is Xiahou girl, Laurie level. She is XiaHouYuan’s niece in the hostile camp, and may also be Cao Cao’s niece.

Zhang Fei’s romantic history is recorded in historical books. According to the record file Wei Lue, it is sorted out as follows:


The fifth year of Jian’an, the year of AD 200, but the month was not specified. It was in the first month of that year that Cao Cao attacked Xuzhou and drove the three brothers Liu Guan and Zhang away. Then, the story should take place after Zhang Fei and his eldest brother were separated.


According to the historical archives, the place where Xiahou girl came out to collect firewood was around her hometown. Xiahou girl, a girl from Anhui Province, was Cao Cao’s hometown, peiguoqiao county. Records also say that Zhang Fei haunted this area. Where did Zhang Fei enter Xiahou’s hometown? For a precise satellite positioning, xiapi under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou is adjacent to peiguoqiao county. Don’t forget that Liu Bei and Guan Yu once stationed troops in xiapi. After Liu Guanzhang was dispersed in Xuzhou, Guan Yu temporarily went to Cao Cao’s men. Whether Zhang Fei and Liu Bei went to Yuan Shao or acted alone is completely unknown in historical books. The romance of the Three Kingdoms says that Zhang Fei entered Mangdangshan mountain. There is no evidence for this. However, according to Zhang Fei’s records of haunting around Qiao County, it should be that he lost touch with Liu Guan and led his troops to flee from xiapi to Xiahou’s hometown. In this way, it is necessary to prove that there is an intersection between Zhang Fei’s haunt and Xiahou’s haunt, and then it is possible to meet by chance.


Zhang Fei’s troops lost contact with his brother’s troops and hurriedly withdrew from the jurisdiction of the governor of Xuzhou to peiguoqiao County under the jurisdiction of the governor of Henan. The weather is beautiful. Miss Xia Hou comes out to collect firewood and accidentally meets Zhang Fei.

Original records:

In the fifth year of Jian’an, Shi BA (xiahouba) traveled to this county in the 13th and 4th year of his younger sister’s (cousin’s) year to collect firewood for Zhang Fei. When he knew his beloved daughter, he thought he was his wife.


Zhang Fei himself – find famous girls to build his own brand

Zhang Fei’s marriage to Xiahou girl is due not only to his feelings, but also to his family status.

Zhang Fei is an excellent general, but he is not good at his family background. In the romance, it is said that he is a butcher. There is a peach garden in his family. This is just a legend. Zhang Fei in history is not a butcher. But it is certain that Zhang Fei was not born in a big family.

The Eastern Han Empire was originally a political alliance of powerful families. The selection of officials often depended on their family background. His family background is not up to him. He chooses his own path. Zhang Fei follows brother Liu Bei to start a business, which is to change. But how do you change your family background? Find a good marriage!

Although Miss Xia Hou is a firewood collector, her family background is really glittering. If Cao Cao really came from Xiahou family, then she is Cao Cao’s niece. Apart from this, her uncle XiaHouYuan was a tiger general under Cao Cao. At that time, her official position was commander and lieutenant. Her uncle XiahouDun, a famous one eyed dragon general, had already achieved the position of prefect. The Cao family and the Xiahou family are one family. This family is high enough. Zhang Fei picked up such a sweet cake in the wild forest. He simply seized the trading limit. How can he lose the good opportunity to change his family status?

The so-called family, or rich and powerful family, in that era did not mean that money was all that was needed. What was important was quality. If you have integrity, knowledge and insight, even if you are too poor to eat, people will recognize you as a rich family, and they are talking about quality. Therefore, after Yuan Shu finished playing, although he had no influence and use value, sun CE still allocated Yuan Shu’s daughter, who was in a dead end, to Sun Quan, and Yuan Shu’s granddaughter later allocated to sun Fen, Sun Quan’s son.

But there is also a doubt. A girl of such high birth, Xiahou’s family is going uphill. Why should she come out to collect firewood? Let’s talk about Miss Xiahou’s life experience.

Xia Hou girl – she is a tall girl, and she has to find a hero to depend on

Although Xia Hou’s family background is high, her fate is bitter. She was an orphan. When she was a child, she met the Yuzhou chaos and lacked food. She was likely to die of hunger. Fortunately, her uncle XiaHouYuan was so kind that he would rather starve his little son to death than bring her up with a mouthful of porridge and soup. Miss Xia Hou was snatched from death by her uncle, so she has a sense of dependence on mature men since childhood.

Before the end of 200 A.D., it was the most difficult time for Cao Cao group to carry out a hard military struggle with yuanshaozheng. It was hard to say who would win. Many people under Cao Cao were secretly writing job application letters to yuanshao’s boss. The Xiahou brothers are fighting outside with brother Cao. I’m afraid it’s difficult for the family to take care of them. The family members are a little difficult for the time being, so the Xiahou girl came out to collect firewood.

Seeing such a gracious hero with such a good voice, the beauty was also sad about the hero pass when she shouted back her cousin at Dangyang bridge!

Bagua position

Zhang Fei is a relative of caiwenji

Zhangfei and caiwenji are relatives. Don’t you believe it? Listen to me!

Xiahouba’s cousin is Zhang Fei’s wife. Xiahouba’s daughter married Yang Hu. Yang Hu, a famous general of the Three Kingdoms, once faced off with Lu Kang, a famous general of the eastern Wu, across the river. They performed a good story of friendly coexistence between the enemy countries. This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that Yang Hu’s mother is caiwenji’s sister. Yang Hu calls caiwenji aunt. Caiwenji’s nephew is the husband of Zhang Fei’s wife’s niece. Do you think Zhang Fei and caiwenji can have relatives?

Zhang Fei paints beautiful women to melt the strong character

When Zhang Fei was a child, he had a strong temper and a short temper. His father hired several teachers for him, but they were all angry with him. Later, Zhang Fei’s uncle specially recommended an old man named Wang Yangnian to teach him.

Mr. Wang used to be a general of the imperial court, with both civil and military talents. In view of the corruption of the imperial government, he abandoned his official position and returned home to teach for a living. Zhang Fei admired him very much. He practiced martial arts under his guidance. At the age of 13, he developed good martial arts. At the same time, he learned a lot of truth through reading. He became more and more dissatisfied with the world and determined to destroy the world and save the people.

Mr. Wang was worried that Zhang Fei would cause trouble, so he came up with a way: teach Zhang Fei to practice calligraphy and draw beauties, so as to help melt his strong character. Over the past three years, Zhang Fei’s calligraphy and painting have indeed made great progress, especially his unique calligraphy, which has been greatly praised by the villagers.

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