Zhang Guangbei’s daughter was exposed to be a teacher in Chinese drama. The official website information has been withdrawn

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Because of the Yiyang Qianxi affair, many gourmet people are now paying attention to the abuse of privileges by stars in the entertainment industry, including Zhang Guangbei’s daughter, who was stripped of the big secret. Zhang Guangbei’s daughter was exposed to be a teacher in Chinese opera. After the incident was hotly discussed, the information of Zhang sile, Zhang Guangbei’s daughter, was also removed from the official website of Chinese opera. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Zhang Guangbei’s daughter is exposed to be a teacher in Chinese opera

As the daughter of Zhang Guangbei, Zhang sile has more conditions to develop in the entertainment industry than many people. Of course, Zhang sile’s own conditions don’t seem to be very recognized by netizens, because many people think Zhang sile is not beautiful, but she always plays some beautiful roles, so many netizens will scold her as a resource when they watch Zhang sile’s plays. Although Zhang Guangbei’s acting skills are very good, many netizens dare not compliment Zhang sile’s acting skills at all.

Zhang sile has acted in many big productions because of Zhang Guangbei’s care, and the resources are very good. At first, everyone thought that Zhang sile took more roles with his father’s relationship, but netizens unexpectedly found that Zhang sile was also a teacher of Chinese opera. You can see Zhang sile’s introduction in the teacher’s information on the official website of Chinese opera. Both Zhang Guangbei and Zhang sile graduated from Chinese opera. Zhang sile’s acting skills are not recognized at all. As a result, at the age of 30, she is already a teacher of Chinese opera.

The official website of Chinese opera has withdrawn Zhang sile’s information

It is reported that after graduating from Chinese drama, Zhang sile went to the New York Film Academy to study for a master’s degree. After returning, she became a teacher of Chinese drama. Now she goes to Chinese drama to teach students on a fixed day every week. However, many netizens questioned that Zhang sile did not become a Chinese drama teacher by his own strength, but by his background. After being questioned, Zhongxi removed the relevant information of Zhang sile, which also made many netizens think that Zhongxi was guilty. This matter must have an unspeakable secret.

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