Zhang Guoli’s son, Zhang Mo, was accused of mental problems and sent a message back saying he was fine

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As the son of zhangguoli, Zhang Mo has also been an actor in the entertainment industry before, and has shot many plays with the aura of the second generation of stars. He has partnered with many beautiful stars and played male leading roles. Unfortunately, he withdrew from the entertainment industry because of the scandal. Zhang Guoli’s son, Zhang Mo, was accused of mental problems. Zhang Mo also wrote back to netizens, saying that he is very well now. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Zhang Mo is accused of mental problems

Since Zhang Mo quit the entertainment circle, he has basically disappeared from the news. I feel that Zhang Mo has completely disappeared from the public’s sight. However, Zhang Mo’s ins account is frequently updated, but netizens have found that Zhang Mo’s latest ins dynamic content doesn’t look very normal. For example, Zhang Mo sometimes sends photos of a chair burning, and sometimes he sends photos of holding a prop gun.

Some netizens commented that Zhang Mo’s pictures looked extremely violent, and even directly asked Zhang Mo if his mental state was not very good. Faced with the speculation of netizens, Zhang Mo was also very angry. He said that he was in good condition and would never do anything to slander others in order to survive. He suggested that netizens wanted to slander themselves before saying that they were mentally abnormal.

Zhang Mo replies that he is fine

After leaving the entertainment circle, Zhang Mo likes photography very much now. Many of the photos he took on the ins were taken by himself. Just looking at the news before Zhang Mo, the theme of Zhang Mo’s photography is basically landscape. I feel that Zhang Mo’s life now should be very comfortable, not as depressed as everyone imagined, so Zhang Mo’s mental state should not be a problem. Netizens should not just rely on a few pictures to make blind guesses and hat others. This kind of hat is really hurtful.

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