Zhang Jizhong, 71, admitted for the first time that his son Martin was born to his wife duxinglin and a foreigner

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Since the birth of her daughter “xiaohuaxian” two years ago, the famous producer and director zhangjizhong has gone from behind the scenes to in front of the stage.
At that time, Zhang Jizhong was nearly 70 years old. On the one hand, people praised her little wife for her intelligence and beauty, and on the other hand, they were surprised that he was still young.
In a word, Zhang Jizhong and his wife have made their debut on the Internet through this heat wave.

After that, Zhang Jizhong and his wife began to shift their focus to the short video platform. They would share their family’s warmth and happiness every once in a while.
However, due to people’s prejudice against this “old husband and young wife”, their marriage and feelings have been questioned and criticized. The situation now is that the more the outside world questions, the more they show their love.
In the married life of zhangjizhong and duxinglin, the public has been a little puzzled about the identity of their son Martin.
Zhang Jizhong is very kind to his son and often shows videos of picking up his children from school. But we all know that duxinglin gave birth to a son and a daughter after he married Zhang Jizhong. They are the son “duduxia” and the daughter “xiaohuaxian”.

Zhang Jizhong once said in response to the marriage query that he and his wife were legally re established after the failure of the previous marriage, and my children were born legally. His son Martin was also born legally.
Under normal circumstances, there are only two possibilities for Martin’s identity, one is that Zhang Jizhong was born to someone else, and the other is that Du Xinglin was born before he married Zhang Jizhong.
In view of Martin’s mixed race identity, both zhangjizhong and duxinglin should be foreigners.

According to public information, Zhang Jizhong has had three marriages. His eldest daughter, Zhang Yuxin, was born to him and his first wife. She is an executive of a video platform and an excellent producer.
Zhang Jizhong’s second wife was fanxinman, a name that everyone should be familiar with. When Zhang Jizhong and fan xinman broke up, duxinglin, as Zhang Jizhong’s “assistant”, was also involved in public opinion.

In addition, Zhang Jizhong has no resemblance to Martin in appearance. Therefore, many netizens feel that the answer should be here in duxinglin.
Just recently, Zhang Jizhong showed a video of Martin playing with his brother and sister through his short video account.
At the bottom of the comment area of this video, a netizen left a message asking Zhang Jizhong if the eldest son (Martin) was born to fanxinman, his ex-wife? Zhang Jizhong clearly gave a denial attitude in his reply.

Netizens continued to ask, whose son is Martin? Zhangjizhong replied: “madam’s”.
Zhang Jizhong’s reply was similar to what netizens thought. Some netizens said: “I think it’s also madam’s. The son is clean and neat, and the daughter looks like you.”

It’s the first time I’ve heard of the use of “sloppy” to describe a person’s appearance.
Duxinglin, Zhang Jizhong’s wife, is a doctor studying in France. Martin’s nose, mouth and facial contour are indeed very similar to duxinglin.

Duxinglin is 40 years old. According to Zhang Jizhong, he and his wife came together again after a failed marriage, which shows that duxinglin’s ex husband should be a foreigner.
Although not his own, Zhang Jizhong treats his eldest son as his own. Sometimes he feels better than his own two children.

About a week ago, Zhang Jizhong just celebrated his 71st birthday. It is really a happy thing that he can have a wife who loves him and three such lovely children when he is over seventy years old.
Finally, I hope their family will be happy forever.

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