Zhang Jizhong publishes the divorce agreement. His ex-wife has three suites plus 40million yuan

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Although Zhang Jizhong is now 71 years old, his feelings are still very rich. After marrying duxinglin, who is 31 years younger, he has given birth to three children and often shows his love on video. However, Zhang Jizhong’s ex-wife fanxinman got involved with him some time ago. Zhang Jizhong published the divorce agreement. When fanxinman divorced him, he was divided into three suites and 40million yuan. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhang Jizhong publishes the divorce agreement

Zhang Jizhong and his ex-wife fanxinman have divorced for a long time. Unexpectedly, there has been an economic dispute between the two people on the Internet recently. Many netizens who do not know the truth have begun to attack Zhang Jizhong. Zhang Jizhong was also very angry about this. He directly published his divorce agreement with fan xinman to prove to everyone that he did not treat fan xinman badly financially when he divorced.

Zhangjizhong and fanxinman registered for marriage in 2002 and adopted their son in 2010. After the two divorced, fanxinman also had custody of her son. Although the son was not Zhang Jizhong’s own, but was adopted by the two of them, after the divorce, Zhang Jizhong still bore all the expenses of his son, such as alimony.

Zhangjizhong’s ex-wife has 3 suites

At the time of divorce, zhangjizhong gave fanxinman all his three suites in Beijing and gave him 40million yuan in cash. At that time, the money was absolutely huge. Moreover, these three houses are all located in the very prosperous area of Beijing, and the combined absolute value of the three houses is more than 100 million. So when Zhang Jizhong and fan xinman divorced, they didn’t let fan xinman suffer financially. They were still men. Let’s get together and get together. I still hope that zhangjizhong and fanxinman can resolve their conflicts as soon as possible, and don’t affect each other’s current lives for those old things.

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