Zhang Nala’s wedding scene revealed that it was too sweet to kiss her husband

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Although Zhang Nala is the representative of a child beauty actress, she is not young. She is 41 years old this year. This year, Zhang Nala finally chose to enter the palace of marriage, and her fans are also happy for her. Zhang Nala’s wedding scene was exposed. Zhang Nala and her husband hugged and kissed at the wedding. It was really sweet. Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhang Nala’s wedding was exposed

Recently, Zhang Nala and her husband, who is 6 years younger, held a low-key wedding. According to the photos of the scene, the wedding is divided into two places: outdoor and indoor. The outdoor scene is quite romantic. There are pink, white and blue flowers everywhere, which is a sea of flowers. It is quite similar to the wedding theme of sunyizhen xuanbin before. On the same day, Zhang Nala also wore a white wedding dress, wearing a white dress, which was really very beautiful. Netizens also praised Zhang Nala’s wedding photo modeling as pure and lovely.

With the help of her husband, Zhangnala stepped onto the oath taking platform. The smile on Zhangnala’s face was really happy. After reading the oath, dynamic music was played at the scene. Zhangnala also held a bouquet of flowers and began to dance with the melody of the music. Zhangnala was also very generous in front of the reporters. She took her husband to kiss directly in front of the reporters, relatives and friends, and spread dog food. The onlookers also took pictures crazily.

Zhangnala and her husband hugged and kissed so sweet

However, because Zhang Nala’s husband is an outsider, and Zhang Nala also said hello to the public in advance, hoping not to disclose her husband’s appearance, the photos of Zhang Nala’s wedding scene showed her husband’s face in a mosaic. In fact, it’s understandable that Zhang Nala also wants to protect her husband’s privacy and doesn’t want her husband’s private life to be excessively disturbed. Xiaobian also wishes Zhangnala a a happy marriage, happiness and a baby!

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