Zhang Rui’s girlfriend exposed that she has been dating actor Li Ruojia for many years

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Zhang Rui is well known for his role in the new version of Huanzhu Gege. Although Zhang Rui has not achieved great success in recent years, he has never worried about resources and has always had a play to shoot. Zhang Rui’s girlfriend was exposed. Unexpectedly, Zhang Rui’s girlfriend was actor Li Ruojia, and the two have been dating for many years. What’s the matter? The editor will introduce it today.

Zhang Rui’s girlfriend exposed

In terms of emotion, Zhang Rui has always been very low-key. Although Zhang Rui is a handsome and golden male star, he is still very simple in his feelings. Zhang Rui also admitted only two episodes of his love. The first girlfriend is an outsider. When Zhang Rui talked about this relationship after becoming famous, he also said that his ex-girlfriend had married and had a very happy life.

Zhang Rui later met the actor Li Ruojia, who is also an insider in the circle. In order to give his girlfriend a sense of security, Zhang Rui directly announced their love on his microblog and published photos of their private exchanges. However, after the official announcement of the love affair, Zhang Rui and Li Ruojia entered a low-key love mode, rarely hyping the love affair. This also led to many people not knowing that Zhang Rui had a girlfriend and thought he was single.

Zhang Rui and Li Ruojia have been together for many years

In addition, when Zhang Rui was shooting the new version of Huanzhu Ge, he had a very good relationship with Zhao Liying, and even cooked for Zhao Liying personally, which led to some netizens’ very kowtow to Zhang Rui and Zhao Liying, and even some people hoped that they could be together. But Zhang Rui and Zhao Liying are friends, and Zhao Liying has cooperated with Li Ruojia in several plays. The stars of the new version of Huan Zhuge are basically married and have children. Even Xiao Jian (Gao Ziqi) and Qing Er (Zhao Liying) have divorced each other. Zhang Rui and Li Ruojia have been dating for seven years, so they can really consider getting married.

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