Zhang Weiguo’s summer plot reversed, and Zhang Weiguo’s Pro grandpa came on stage domineering

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The TV series Zhang Weiguo’s summer broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV has been loved by many netizens. Zhang Weiguo, played by Huang Lei, had a terrible opening experience. I didn’t expect that his grandmother, who had been worshipped for decades, was his eunuch grandfather. Zhang Weiguo’s summer plot reversed, and Zhang Weiguo’s Pro grandfather came on stage domineering. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Zhang Weiguo’s summer plot reversal

Zhang Weiguo’s father was not born to his grandfather. His grandfather was actually a eunuch. He adopted Zhang Weiguo’s father when he was in Nanjing. Zhang Weiguo’s father was also a street child. Zhang Weiguo had been thinking about lying flat on his Heirloom Porcelain horse, but he didn’t expect to meet a liar. He also paid more than 700000 yuan, of which 500000 was all the savings of his father-in-law, and he couldn’t account with his father-in-law.

And after his father died, Zhang Weiguo found that the courtyard he lived in was not his family’s, but his father rented it. He would pay 30000 yuan a month in the future. As a result, the other tenants in the courtyard were not willing to pay at all. They were only willing to pay a few hundred yuan a month. Zhang Weiguo was the majority of the remaining 20000 yuan. In order to maintain the rent and daily expenses, Zhang Weiguo even took a part-time job as a cleaning aunt.

Zhang Weiguo’s grandfather came on stage domineering

Zhang Weiguo’s experience is really terrible, but Huang Lei’s works are basically happy ending, and Zhang Weiguo’s summer is no exception. Because in the later plot, Zhang Weiguo’s real grandfather will appear, and this grandfather is very rich and gave Zhang Weiguo tens of millions. Zhang Weiguo suddenly became a rich third generation without money. Zhang Weiguo used the money to buy the quadrangle he lived in, and became an enviable Beijing aborigine again.

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