Zhang Xiaohan denied asking Yang Zi for money, saying that the 2 million seal fee was nonsense

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Zhang Xiaohan used to exaggerate the atmosphere before each disclosure, but the melons that came out every time disappointed everyone, which did not conform to what she described. For example, the melons of Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi that came out recently. Zhang Xiaohan denies asking Yang Zi for money, and the so-called 2 million seal fee from the Internet is nonsense. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Zhang Xiaohan denied asking Yang Zi for money

After Zhang Xiaohan exposed the scandal of Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi, there was also a rumor on the Internet that Zhang Xiaohan once asked Yang Zi for 2 million hush money. According to the informant, Zhang Xiaohan’s original purpose was not to report this information. She found Yang Zi in advance and wanted to ask for a 2 million seal fee, but Yang Zi refused. Later, Zhang Xiaohan lowered the price to 500000 yuan, but Yang Zi refused again.

In this regard, some netizens took this information to ask Zhang Xiaohan whether it was true or false. If it was true, Zhang Xiaohan’s behavior was already blackmail. Zhang Xiaohan directly denied that it was false and angrily scolded the informant for being insane. Although Zhang Xiaohan has denied it, many netizens still think that there is no smoke without fire, and this situation is very common in the entertainment circle. Otherwise, why didn’t Zhang Xiaohan directly release the video and warm up for two days? These two days, it was obvious that she was left to negotiate with Yang Zi. Unfortunately, the talks broke down. Yang Zizheng is not afraid of the shadow. She is not willing to compromise with Zhang Xiaohan.

Zhang Xiaohan said that the seal fee was nonsense

Many paparazzi in the entertainment circle want to sell these materials at a high price when they are secretly photographing stars. Whether they are bought by stars or by their families, the purpose of paparazzi is to make money. If they just send it out to the people who eat melons, they actually have no profit. At most, they are famous. But fame and money, these paparazzi will naturally choose the latter.

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