Zhang Xincheng photographed the death scene of the magazine wearing fake ass

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The films starring Zhang Xincheng and sun Qian have recently exposed a group of fashionable bazaar blockbusters over the years. The photos are very artistic. Everyone is very satisfied with the film. However, soon, everyone’s discussion was focused on the trivia. Is it true that Zhang Xincheng wears fake buttocks when shooting a magazine? There is a clip in the shooting trivia of fashion bazaar that is the scene of Zhang Xincheng’s death. The editor will introduce it today.

Zhang Xincheng shoots magazine wearing fake ass

Fashion bazaar also released the highlights of the magazine shot by Zhang Xincheng and sun Qian. There is a scene in which two people stand on the bridge, and Zhang Xincheng squats down to the opposite side and holds sun Qian up with four eyes facing each other. This scene was originally very romantic and beautiful. Unexpectedly, Zhang Xincheng’s buttocks became the focus of everyone’s heated discussion.

After Zhang Xincheng squatted down and stood up, he didn’t expect a big lump to protrude directly from his buttocks. Many netizens do not understand why this situation occurs. Some people explain that Zhang Xincheng may have tucked his clothes in his pants, which just formed this bulge. However, more netizens questioned that Zhang Xincheng was wearing a fake ass at that time, and the fake ass fell off when he squatted down and stood up. The picture of Zhang Xincheng squatting down and standing up has also been wildly spread on the Internet, attracting ridicule from many netizens.

Zhang Xincheng large-scale social death scene

I didn’t expect that Zhang Xincheng himself would respond to this embarrassing topic. Zhang Xincheng has issued a moving picture of puckering his buttocks when he exercises, with an accompanying text & ldquo; Am I squatting too deep?! Huck’s squat was lost to the wind of Harbin;. Fans said that they really love Zhang Xincheng. Zhang Xincheng doesn’t need any cushions for his body. Some fans shouted at Zhang Xincheng’s brokerage company, saying that in this case, the brokerage company should respond to the public relations, instead of letting Zhang Xincheng explain and respond pitifully.

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