Zhang Xincheng’s new film partner sun Qian has acted for so many years

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Although Zhang Xincheng’s ratings of several plays are not very good, and even many netizens complain about his poor acting skills, this does not hinder Zhang Xincheng’s film and television resources. Zhang Xincheng’s new film has been decided, and his partner Xiaohua sun Qian has been in the film for so many years. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Zhang Xincheng’s new film

Zhang Xincheng, Lei Jiayin and Zhang Zifeng’s genius basic law are currently on the air. Although this is a large-scale drama, its performance is not very good at present, and it is not inferior to the TV series juvenile school 2 broadcast at the same time. Zhang Xincheng is currently filming the county Party committee courtyard, and the play will be finished immediately. In the latest news released by the official wechat of the courtyard of the county Party committee, Zhang Xincheng was also directly promoted to the coffee position, which also surprised many netizens. Zhang Xincheng’s resources are really getting better and better.

Zhang Xincheng’s film, Chang’an in August, has been copyrighted by ray media for so many years and will be filmed. The heroine is sun Qian, an actor of ray media, and the hero has found Zhang Xincheng. It is reported that the film will start in Harbin around August 6. In recent years, ray media has been shooting such a small film with the theme of youth. The hero of such a small-scale film with Zhang Xincheng’s role can still hold. And this is also a very good exercise for Zhang Xincheng, who is used to acting in TV dramas. He may be able to contact more film circles in the future.

Zhang Xincheng and sun Qian have acted for so many years

In August, the earliest name of Chang’an for so many years is called puppy love. It is an out of date version of his novel Hello old days, so it is an independent space, which can be made into a film alone. Zhang Xincheng plays Li Ran and sun Qian plays Chen Jianxia in the film. Are you satisfied with this casting?

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