Zhang Xinyao’s indecent remarks were exposed, and he persuaded fans to send nude photos

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Zhang Xinyao is well known by many netizens with his creation camp 2021, and his recent resources are also good. But recently, Zhang Xinyao has been exposed several times, and lost a lot of popularity. Zhang Xinyao’s indecent remarks were exposed, and he even persuaded fans to send naked photos of himself. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Exposure of Zhang Xinyao’s indecent remarks

Recently, Zhang Xinyao was scolded by netizens for his Gan Wang Xing’s hot search. He also frequently set up a card for himself to hype justice. Then fans broke out, suspected of Zhang Xinyao’s indecent remarks in his fan group. These group chats can only be seen by Zhang Xinyao and fans. It is estimated that they are screenshots of fans taking off their fans and stepping back on the news.

From the screenshots exposed by netizens, Zhang Xinyao chatted with his fans, saying three sentences without leaving vulgar actors. Zhang Xinyao said that he wanted to see female fans in the group send nude photos, PK whose body is better, and persuaded fans to send nude photos to him privately. Then Zhang Xinyao shouted excitedly in the group. Many people sent naked photos of themselves, and they had fun at night. Zhang Xinyao even wanted female fans to talk naked with him, and said that he wanted to show his face. What would he talk about if he didn’t show his face. In addition to letting his fans take nude photos, Zhang Xinyao also took very indecent photos.

Zhang Xinyao instigates fans to send nude photos

Zhang Xinyao took an indecent photo of himself. It was a photo of him in the toilet. His lower body was exposed, but the picture was very vague. Zhang Xinyao also shouted excitedly to his fans “ Do you want to see my hanging ”, And ask fans if they are in Guangzhou. They can go to his hotel to sleep together at night. After reading these chat screenshots, many netizens said that Sanguan was broken, and Zhang Xinyao was too dreary in private. However, Zhang Xinyao’s studio denied that these group chat pictures were rumors. If it is really a rumor, Zhang Xinyao’s studio should protect its rights, not just shouting that it has been framed.

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