Zhang Xinyi connotation Yang Mi’s feet stink Zhang Xinyi Yang Mi disagree

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Zhang Xinyi’s staff in the circle is very good. She has a very good personality and likes organizing parties. But Zhang Xinyi has not always been so high in EQ, and sometimes what he does makes many netizens roast brainless. Zhang Xinyi’s connotation is that Yang Mi’s feet stink. Is the relationship between Zhang Xinyi and Yang Mi incompatible? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Zhang Xinyi connotation Yang Mi’s feet stink

Zhang Xinyi and Yang Mi have also acted together. They are both social types, so their relationship is good. As a result, Zhang Xinyi sent a photo and was mistaken for Yang Mi. Zhang Xinyi seems very unhappy that netizens say so about himself. Roast netizens say that the big eyes in the middle must be Yang Mi. Zhang Xinyi then sent a photo of her face smelling her feet with intoxication. Zhang Xinyi also said that his feet are very fragrant.

You know, at that time, Yang Mi was always black footed by netizens. Although Yang Mi has mocked himself, Zhang Xinyi’s behavior is not suitable. So many netizens began to scold Zhang Xinyi for his low EQ, and Yang Mi’s fans were also very dissatisfied with this. But fortunately, Yang Mi finally came out to speak and said that he and Zhang Xinyi were good friends. It didn’t matter. This matter was over. It can only be said that Yang Mi is too atmospheric. It is estimated that other actresses have long been out of touch with Zhang Xinyi.

Does Zhang Xinyi and Yang Mi disagree

Zhang Xinyi’s fans always say that Zhang Xinyi is a silly elder sister, and she is relatively straightforward, so her words sometimes make people daydream, but Zhang Xinyi really doesn’t mean that. But for people who eat melons, Zhang Xinyi is not a silly sister. She is more like her artificial device. Zhang Xinyi has done many strange things, such as Liu Shishi and sun Xiaoxiao in the program. Liu Shishi and sun Xiaoxiao are both good friends of Yuan Hong, and Zhang Xinyi obviously excludes them.

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