Zhang Xinyuan’s five treasures officially announced their breakup. Uncover the reasons for Zhang Xinyuan’s five treasures’ breakup

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Zhang Xinyuan was the originator of the early Internet celebrity. With a pair of big eyes and long black hair, he was praised by many otaku men, became the representative of the popular Internet beauty, and was also named the goddess of Douban by everyone. Recently, Zhang Xinyuan’s five treasures official announced their breakup. Many netizens are also very curious about the reason why the two broke up. Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Zhang Xinyuan, five treasures, official declaration of parting

The scandal between Zhang Xinyuan and Wu Bao has been spread for a long time. Although the name of Wu Bao sounds like a boy, it is actually a girl. Wu Bao is a very famous painter on the Internet. Her lace themed cartoons serialized on the Internet have been loved by many netizens. Zhang Xinyuan’s relationship with Wu Bao began to spread in 2017, but in February this year, Zhang Xinyuan suddenly claimed that he was single in his live studio.

Zhang Xinyuan’s words also made many people think that she and Wu Bao have broken up. Recently, Zhang Xinyuan wrote that she was lonely. Please don’t misunderstand her anymore. As a result, many netizens asked her whether she broke up with Wu Bao in the comment area. Zhang Xinyuan explained in the atmosphere of the comment area “ If you want to be more frank, Wubao and I are friends. I hope you don’t misunderstand ”.

Uncover the reason why Zhang Xinyuan Wubao broke up

Zhang Xinyuan and Wu Bao didn’t have a public relationship at the beginning. Many netizens speculated based on some articles sent by Wu Bao. Maybe Zhang Xinyuan didn’t come out to deny the gossip with Wu Bao at the beginning, because he wanted to use the gossip hype of the two people. Zhang Xinyuan may not have been with Wu Bao. But it is also possible that the two people have been ambiguous or even dated, but now they have separated. Moreover, Zhang Xinyuan Wubao has not publicly admitted his love affair, and naturally will not explain why he broke up.

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