Zhang Yanyan’s entertainers complained that they were forced to terminate their contracts without paying wages, causing them to wander the streets

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In his early years, Zhang Yanyan was well known for his role as Zhu 771 in Wulin foreign history. Later, he was loved by young netizens because of Princess Liyang in Langya bang and aunt Kang in zhinuo. However, recently, Zhang Yanyan has been roast by many netizens. Because Zhang Yanyan’s artists complained that they did not pay wages, the artist was forced to terminate his contract. He even wandered on the street without a source of income. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Zhang Yanyan’s artists complain of not paying wages

Everyone thinks that Zhang Yanyan is an ordinary actress, but in fact, she has set up a film and television company and has contracted actors. Zhao Leiqi is the contracted artist of Zhang Yanyan company. Zhao Leiqi has previously acted in such works as Yu sin, the decisive battle in Shama Town, the ideal shining in China, and the ultimate confrontation. Zhao Leiqi has been playing for more than 20 years, but he is not known by the audience because he plays supporting role.

Recently, Zhao Leiqi sent a video to introduce his entanglement with Zhang Yanyan, accusing Zhang Yanyan of being ungrateful. Zhao Leiqi said that he started to cooperate with Zhang Yanyan in June this year, and the two sides also signed a contract. It is stipulated in the consortium that the share ratio of both parties to the income is 4:6, Zhao Leiqi is 4, and Zhang Yanyan takes 60%. At the same time, it is also stated in the consortium that Zhao Leiqi will be guaranteed a minimum salary of 20000 per month.

Zhao Leiqi was forced to terminate his contract and wandered the streets

The contracts were handled in accordance with the normal procedures. Zhang Yanyan was also present, or Zhang Yanyan personally stamped the legal person seal. Zhao Leiqi gave all his work to Zhang Yanyan company, and he also made two play engagements. Unexpectedly, after the contract was signed, Zhang Yanyan went back on his words and wanted to sign a new contract with Zhao Leiqi to delete the basic salary, or he would terminate the contract with Zhao Leiqi. Zhao Leiqi said that he talked with Zhang Yanyan, but the other party refused to meet him. He had been wandering in the streets of Hangzhou for several days, so he sent a video to accuse Zhang Yanyan.

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