Zhang Yingying, who is described as Wang Xiaofei’s Canary, resents her own personality and won’t be a canary

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Although many netizens are not optimistic about Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying’s love, and Zhang Lan, Wang Xiaofei’s mother, has repeatedly slandered Zhang Yingying in the live broadcast room, Wang Xiaofei is unable to break away from Zhang Yingying’s embrace and still has a hot fight with Zhang Yingying. She was described as Wang Xiaofei’s canary. Unexpectedly, Zhang Yingying realized that she would not be a canary because of her personality. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Zhang Yingying is described as Wang Xiaofei’s canary

Although Zhang YingYing and Wang Xiaofei have been photographed dating for many times, the two people are hard nosed and do not admit it. Even two days ago, a photo of two people holding hands was exposed, which was suspected to be sent by Wang Xiaofei in the circle of friends. During this period, Zhang Yingying was also very active on the network platform. Some netizens commented on this, saying that Zhang Yingying was Wang Xiaofei’s canary.

It turned out that Zhang Yingying denied it and asked the netizen, “can I be a canary with my own personality?”? This is a compliment to her. Zhang Yingying has started to reply to Wang Xiaofei’s related questions on the Internet, and she is so brazen. Can it be said that Wang Xiaofei’s group photo of two people in the circle of friends has made Zhang Yingying feel that she has secured the position of Wang Xiaofei’s girlfriend and may even become Wang Xiaofei’s wife.

Zhang Yingying resents her own personality and won’t be

The reason why netizens complain that Zhang Yingying is a canary is that according to the information disclosed at present, Wang Xiaofei pays for the food and housing of Zhang Yingying, and Wang Xiaofei pays and contributes to the purchase of a house in her hometown and the registration of a car in Beijing. Zhang Yingying has been hiding behind Wang Xiaofei, as if she could not see the light. After all, the time she spent with Wang Xiaofei involved the evidence of Wang Xiaofei’s marital infidelity. Therefore, netizens will never bless Zhang YingYing and Wang Xiaofei’s love.

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