Zhang Yixing invites Yang Di to yearn for 6 why Zhang Yixing fans hate Yang Di

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The guest of the latest issue of the sixth season of yearning for life is comedian Yang Di. However, when the preview of Yang Di’s participation in this episode came out, Zhang Yixing’s fans began to swear and question why the yearning life program group invited Yang Di to participate. Zhang Yixing invited Yang Di to join yearning 6. It was really unexpected. Why do fans of Zhang Yixing hate Yang Di so much? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Zhang Yixing invites Yang Di to attend yearning 6

Yang Di came to join the yearning life 6. Zhang Yixing’s fans thought it was the invitation of the program group, so they scolded the program group. There are indeed some things between Zhang Yixing and Yang Di. At the beginning, Yang Di said “ Three lack one ”, Yang Di was directly pushed into the hot search. Under the hot search words, Zhang Yixing’s fans scolded Yang Di. Fans felt that Yang Di didn’t respect Zhang Yixing very much, because Huang Zitao, Lu Han and WuYifan announced that they would quit exo, and only Zhang Yixing, one of the four sons of the Chinese Empire, chose to stay in exo. This was complained by netizens that one of the three was missing.

Although Yang Di made a video of apology to Zhang Yixing for her words, Zhang Yixing’s fans still can’t forgive Yang Di. So Yang Di participated in yearning 6 this time. Zhang Yixing’s fans directly shouted that the program group deliberately disgusted Zhang Yixing. They not only cut off Zhang Yixing’s lens, but also deliberately invited artists who had festivals with Zhang Yixing to participate in the program.

Why Zhang Yixing’s fans hate Yang Di

But this time we really misunderstood the program group. This time Yang Di came to yearning 6. The program group also asked Zhang Yixing in advance and discussed with Zhang Yixing. Moreover, the program team also gave the right to invite Zhang Yixing. Zhang Yixing personally called Yang Di and invited him to visit the sixth season of life he yearned for. Yang Di was also very surprised. At first, she thought she had met a liar. Since Zhang Yixing is relieved of Yang Di, there is no need for fans to hold on to Yang Di.

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