Zhang Yunjing’s street performance led to controversial response. It’s not humble to work hard with your own hands

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Zhang Yunjing is loved by many netizens by virtue of the episode preference in the legend of swordsman 3. This song is really wonderful. Netizens often ridicule that a singer in the entertainment industry can have a lifetime bonus for a red song, but it’s not all like this, such as Zhang Yunjing. Zhang Yunjing’s street performance caused controversy, and Zhang Yunjing sent a response “ How can you feel inferior and work hard with your own hands? This is the most wonderful life ”. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Zhang Yunjing’s street performance caused controversy

Some netizens posted an article to disclose that Zhang Yunjing has been down to singing on the street. From big stars to street artists, I don’t know whether Zhang Yunjing will complain about self pity. Netizens also posted photos of Zhang Yunjing singing on the street. Looking at Zhang Yunjing’s state, I felt that she was still in a good state when she was performing on the street and was very happy when taking photos with everyone.

It is reported that Zhang Yunjing’s street singing this time also has a very special place. That is, passers-by only need to put 100 Taiwan dollars into Zhang Yunjing’s piano box to take away a 13-year-old album. 100 Taiwan dollars is equivalent to 23 yuan. In fact, this money is equivalent to buying an album. It is reported that Zhang Yunjing earned nearly 10000 yuan in three hours of street performance. Of course, all of Zhang Yunjing’s 200 albums have been bought by 10000.

Zhang Yunjing responded that working hard by hand is not humble

Although compared with other artists, Zhang Yunjing’s income may not be too high, for ordinary people, the income of 10000 yuan in three hours is already very high. In fact, Zhang Yunjing’s own mentality has always been very good, as long as he can continue to make music, it’s OK. Looking at Zhang Yunjing’s social platform, we can also see that Zhang Yunjing is a person full of optimism and positive attitude towards life. Xiaobian also wishes Zhang Yunjing a lot of stages in the future, so that many young people can know her music.

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