Zhang Yuqi is in love again. She is dating Xiao Xianrou in lovers’ clothes

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Zhang Yuqi’s attitude towards love has changed after two relationships. Many people even say that Zhang Yuqi is Xiao Yaxuan from the mainland. Zhang Yuqi is in love again. This time, Zhang Yuqi is photographed going to a bar with Xiao Xianrou wearing a couple’s outfit. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Zhang Yuqi is in love again

Recently, gossip media photographed Zhang Yuqi and a small fresh meat dressed in lovers’ clothes going to the bar to play together. After that, the two people returned to Zhang Yuqi’s home together. After that, Zhang Yuqi went to film, and xiaoxianrou went to the production team to visit. After the visit, he returned to Zhang Yuqi’s house. It is suspected that the two people have already lived together.

This little fresh meat always wears a mask and a cap when he goes out, so he can’t see his face clearly. But xiaoxianrou is very tall and thin, and has the feeling of loving beans. Gossip media said that since May this year, the reformed boys have frequently appeared beside Zhang Yuqi. Although this boy is young, he is very considerate to Zhang Yuqi and takes good care of others. After the news was exposed, people naturally thought that Zhang Yuqi had found a baby dog to fall in love again, and this was not the first time. People were used to it, and Zhang Yuqi was lazy to respond.

Zhang Yuqi and Xiao Xianrou meet in lovers’ clothes

After all, according to the speed at which Zhang Yuqi changes her boyfriend, it is estimated that in a few months’ time, the gossip media will film Zhang Yuqi’s gossip again, and the baby dog around her will be replaced. When Zhang Yuqi and her little boyfriend Li Bingxi were dating, she also took the other party to the program, and even introduced Li Bingxi to the resources of a leading actor in a small online drama after breaking up. However, Zhang Yuqi, her little boyfriend, never brought them out again. It is estimated that Li Bingxi has also taught Zhang Yuqi a lesson. She can spend money on baby dogs, but she can not give them resources and fame. Only in this way can Zhang Yuqi be relieved and happy.

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