Zhang Yuqi’s ex husband yuan bayuan was restricted, and the high consumption company has been punished many times

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Zhang Yuqi’s love life is quite rich. Maybe it’s because she suffered too much before, so Zhang Yuqi now looks at her feelings very lightly, and now she only talks with handsome little fresh meat. Zhang Yuqi’s ex husband yuan bayuan was restricted from high consumption because yuan bayuan’s company had been punished many times before. Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Yuanba yuan is restricted from high consumption

Many people know that yuan bayuan is because of Zhang Yuqi. The two people got married quickly after they knew each other. Later, Zhang Yuqi gave birth to twins for yuan bayuan. Originally, I thought this was a happy family of four, but yuan bayuan was exposed to be a fake millionaire. The marriage house where the two lived was also rented by yuan bayuan. After that, there was a great contradiction between Zhang Yuqi and Yuan bayuan. Zhang Yuqi even nearly cut yuan bayuan, and the two divorced soon.

Yuan bayuan also became the object of gossip from an unknown plain person because of his past with Zhang Yuqi. Recently, some netizens found that Shanghai Jianshang Clothing Co., Ltd., an affiliate of mjstyle brand, added several pieces of executed information, with a total amount of about 110million yuan. The legal representative of the company and many shareholders have also been implicated and restricted from high consumption. Yuan bayuan, Zhang Yuqi’s ex husband, is the major shareholder of the company, so he is also in the ranks of being restricted from high consumption.

Yuanbayuan company has been punished many times

Many netizens don’t like yuan bayuan. After all, he pretended to be a rich man before he got a beauty back. From this point, we can see that yuan bayuan is a man with deep intentions. However, yuan bayuan finally got retribution, and it was quite miserable to be punished by Zhang Yuqi. I didn’t expect yuan bayuan to continue to work in the financial circle and become a major shareholder of the company. It’s really a lesson for everyone that someone who has a habit of lying still wants to do business with him.

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