Zhang Yuxi and Zhang yaotaotieniang project stop shooting Youku’s plays below s level

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Zhang Yuxi and Zhang Yao are not rated artists in the entertainment circle, but they are also third tier artists, or quasi second tier artists. They still have a lot of works to choose from. Zhang Yuxi and Zhang yaotaotienianzi stopped filming. Insiders revealed that Youku’s dramas below s level will not be filmed for the time being. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Zhang Yuxi, Zhang yaotaotieniang project stopped shooting

Zhang Yuxi and Zhang Yao have cooperated with Youku before, and Youku also hired Zhang Yuxi and Zhang Yao to perform the new play Taotie lady. This play is about ancient costumes, fantasy and food. It can be regarded as a Youku A-class play. The play was originally scheduled to start in late September, but now it is reported that the play will not be shot and the project has been stopped. The insider also revealed that Youku’s plays below s level are no longer filmed, because Youku’s plays below s level basically do not make money for the platform.

The ancient costumes of Zhang Yuxi and Zhang Yao are very good. Before that, the fans of the two people were still looking forward to the play of the gluttonous lady. I didn’t expect that it would be broadcast in more than one month, and the project would be yellow if it was yellow. It can only be said that the current general environment in the entertainment industry is not good. Before entering the group for shooting, it is impossible to be 100% sure that any project can start. That’s why many artists who used to shoot small online dramas are now at home.

Youku no longer shoots plays below s level

Zhang Yao’s work will definitely be affected. After all, he has left time for the play of the gluttonous lady. Now he has to rearrange his work plan. It seems that Zhang Yuxi has no influence on Zhang Yao, because Zhang Yuxi has contacted the new drama and will partner Ao ruipeng to shoot zhenhun street. Although it is a small project and the leading actor is not well-known, it is already very good. After all, it is lucky to find a new play to shoot so quickly without a window.

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