Zhang Zifeng and Yan Xujia haven’t broken up yet. They’re dating again. What’s Zhang Zifeng’s picture

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When Zhang Zifeng’s relationship with Yan Xujia was first exposed, many netizens shouted that Zhang Zifeng should stay away from the slag man, and Zhang Zifeng’s fans also said that Zhang Zifeng had broken up with Yan Xujia. Zhang Zifeng and Yan Xujia haven’t broken up yet. They have been photographed dating again. I really want to ask what Zhang Zifeng’s sister’s picture is and why she should hang herself from Yan Xujia.

Zhang Zifeng and Yan Xujia haven’t broken up yet

Some media released the picture of Zhang Zifeng and Yan Xujia dating on Qixi, and they came out of Yan Xujia’s house together. After that, Yan Xujia took Zhang Zifeng out in a car. The two of them played until the evening, and then returned to Yan Xujia’s home by car. The news that Zhang Zifeng and Yan Xujia have not broken up has also been directly searched. Netizens are also angry with Zhang Zifeng.

Zhang Zifeng had fallen in love with Yan Xujia before, but Zhang Zifeng still didn’t want to break up. Netizens have roast about what kind of pot should be equipped with what kind of cover. There are two kinds of people who can’t sleep under one quilt. We should not advise. It is possible that Zhang Zifeng is also Yan Xujia. It is just that in the past, we had filters for Zhang Zifeng. In the past, we were opposed to it. Now we should bless it and respect Zhang Zifeng’s choice.

Zhang Zifeng and Yan Xujia date again

Yan Xujia was cheated by her ex girlfriend before, but Yan Xujia came out and apologized, saying that because she was not mature enough to face love, she caused misunderstanding by her ex girlfriend. At the end of the apology, Yan Xujia also said that he would focus on his work and study in the past few years, and that he would no longer involve feelings. As a result, only one year after this apology was published, Yan Xujia and Zhang Zifeng were photographed dating. Yan Xujia’s apology and assurance now look really funny. Zhang Zifeng loves such a boy so deeply that he can’t understand.

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