Zhang Zifeng, Guo Qilin, CO star in a new sci-fi film Hello bye

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Zhangzifeng and guoqilin have cooperated in film adoration before, but zhangzifeng and Wu Lei are a pair in the film, and guoqilin has no CP in the film. But the magnetic field between zhangzifeng and guoqilin is still very popular. In particular, guoqilin participated in the life he yearned for and interacted with his sister zhangzifeng with great love. Zhang Zifeng and Guo Qilin are working together on a new film. The two are starring in a science fiction film. Hello, goodbye. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhangzifeng and guoqilin cooperate in a new film

The films of zhangzifeng and guoqilin are science fiction. Seeing this cast at the beginning, many netizens worried that goodbye is a literary film covered with science fiction, but you will not be disappointed after seeing this film. Zhangzifeng and guoqilin play the role of the future world’s Cupboard sister and cupboard brother. Guoqilin’s serious way of being a cupboard brother is really funny.

There is also a very interesting setting in the film, that is, everyone has a small button on their temples. However, when the small button is red, it means that the person refuses to communicate with the outside world. If it is blue, it means that the person accepts communication. So in this world, only when the small buttons on the temples of two people are blue, can two people communicate normally. If the other person’s small button is red, you can only send ten sentences to this person.

Zhang Zifeng, Guo Qilin, new film Hello bye

Moreover, many netizens who have seen the film said that the film ended in a big reversal, and it seemed that it had changed from a science fiction film to a horror film. As for why Netizens feel this way, you still have to watch the movie yourself to realize it. The story of hello and goodbye is really good. If the future world only has ten sentences, which ten sentences would you choose? Will a little warmth in the cold world make you change?

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