Zhangbichen is exposed to be a surrogate friend who takes photos of her pregnant belly to dispel rumors

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Zhangbichen was unmarried and gave birth to a daughter for huachenyu. Unfortunately, it was not until the child was more than one year old that Hua Chenyu admitted his daughter’s existence to the public. However, huachenyu’s fans have always regarded zhangbichen as a madman who could not force her to marry. Zhang Bichen was exposed as a surrogate. Zhang Bichen’s friends and working partners took photos of Zhang Bichen’s pregnant belly to dispel the rumor. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhangbichen is exposed as a surrogate

Although zhangbichen is Hua Chenyu’s daughter and mother, Hua Chenyu’s fans regard zhangbichen as a thorn in their heart. Recently, it has gone so far as to spread rumors that Zhang Bichen’s child is a surrogate. You should know that surrogate pregnancy is not allowed in China. If Zhang Bichen is really a surrogate, it will be blocked by the entertainment industry. In the face of such absurd rumors, Zhang Bichen’s friends and work partners published Zhang Bichen’s pregnancy photos and birth photos, which strongly proved that Zhang Bichen had no surrogate pregnancy.

From the photos, zhangbichen suffered a lot to give birth to her daughter. It would be too much for everyone to misunderstand that zhangbichen is a surrogate after reading these photos. A friend revealed that zhangbichen’s baby was born at 33 weeks. It is a premature baby, and the weight at birth is only 1.76kg. Zhang Bichen’s friend said that he accompanied Zhang Bichen from pregnancy to birth inspection. He never thought that a mother would one day rely on pregnancy photos to prove that she had given birth.

Friends sun pregnant belly photos to dispel rumors for zhangbichen

No matter why zhangbichen gave birth to a child when Hua Chenyu was unwilling to marry her, everyone should make an article about the child to slander zhangbichen. Zhang Bichen disappeared from the entertainment circle for so long in order to have children. After her comeback, she was attacked by various rumors. Now she has to be blacked by Hua Chenyu’s fans. It’s really difficult. Hua Chenyu now has a new girlfriend and hopes zhangbichen will start her new relationship as soon as possible.

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