Zhangbichen’s left ear deafness denies being related to pregnancy

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Some time ago, on father’s day, some netizens bought Hua Chenyu a hot search for happy father’s day, which led to Hua Chenyu being ridiculed by the public. Later, Hua Chenyu fans began to spread rumors that Zhang Bichen was a surrogate. In fact, zhangbichen doesn’t have a surrogate. She has maternity dress and birth photos. Now it is reported that zhangbichen lost her hearing in her left ear because she was pregnant and gave birth to a child. But zhangbichen’s left ear deafness has nothing to do with pregnancy. What’s going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhangbichen is deaf in the left ear

The cause of the matter is that some netizens picked up a video of zhangbichen’s interview earlier. In the video, zhangbichen revealed that she could not hear in her left ear, so she had to listen in her right ear. But zhangbichen didn’t have this problem before. Zhangbichen was interviewed just after she had just given birth to her child. So netizens think that Zhang Bichen is deaf in her left ear because she is pregnant and has a child.

Listening is very important for singers. In addition, after Zhang Bichen gave birth to a child, Hua Chenyu had a cold attitude. Many netizens began to fight for Zhang Bichen’s injustice. They thought she had paid too much for the child and angrily scolded Hua Chenyu as a scum man. However, zhangbichen has responded to the rumors that she is deaf in her left ear. Zhangbichen explained that she used a spring scoop to pull out her ear at that time. As a result, she broke through the eardrum in her left ear because she did not control the force well, which has nothing to do with pregnancy.

Zhangbichen denies hearing loss due to pregnancy

Zhangbichen also shouted to netizens that she is really doing well now, and I hope everyone can do well. Zhangbichen’s response is not necessarily to protect brilliance Yu from being scolded. She just tells the real reason. And zhangbichen also told everyone that she is now very well, not a complaining abandoned woman. Zhang Bichen is very good at this. She can hold it up and put it down.

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