Zhangxueliang’s self-reported contacts with 11 mistresses: seduced by his cousin at the age of 16

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placed under house arrest

Zhangxueliang is expensive as a teenager. He is handsome and romantic all his life. He is a sweet cake among women. His oral history, of course, is inseparable from this romantic past. Zhang was very proud of his romantic methods in those years, and he also mentioned the romantic affairs of his friends like guweijun and yegongchao. The following is a review of his love history with eleven mistresses.

I have many girlfriends. The strangest thing for me is that the husbands of these three girlfriends are more than one. Needless to say, they probably know about me and their wife, but they pretend to be stupid. It’s not that they have no status. They are all quite influential. It’s very strange. I say strange people and strange things.

There is one thing. I have power. It also has a lot to do with power. I don’t rely on my power. People come because of my power. It also has a lot to do with it. And I won’t say it. If I say this again, you will understand that if a woman wants to touch me, she won’t leave. If I were a young man, I would start a class on how to manage women’s affairs.

I won’t tell you which three girlfriends are. Let me tell you this. Both at home and abroad, including white people and Chinese people, do not count those who go whoring, those who spend money on buying and prostitution. I have 11 girlfriends and mistresses! I have eleven mistresses.

Let me tell you a little story. As I said, I am not a nobody.

When I arrived in Shanghai, I went to her house for a treat. She wrote me a note. Did I say that? The note said: please have mercy on me. Don’t leave tonight. I just changed two words for that note. Please have mercy on me and let me go tonight. Who is this? It can’t be said. This man is dead.

She is my cousin’s aunt. My cousin works for my father.

She is not a good person, but a prostitute. My cousin married her, so I often went to his house to play. I was only 16 years old at that time. One day there was no one at home, and she flirted with me. Therefore, my bad guys learned from her, and I despised women.

My cousin, everyone gave her a nickname, saying she was a company commander. Do you understand? She has so many boyfriends.

Let me tell you another one. One of the three, her husband is a very rich businessman, quite rich. I associate with his wife, who is a student of a Chinese women’s school. I associate with his wife, who is a student of a women’s school in Shanghai. I tell the story of “chun’er” specially. His wife plays with me and often drives a car with two people.

One day, when I went to his house, both of them took off their clothes in the living room. They just took off, and she ran away. She told me that her so-called husband was actually her brother-in-law. She had a relationship with her brother-in-law, and she couldn’t live without him. Then she was her brother-in-law’s outsider, so I played with them, and they almost had a relationship. She ran away.

(later) she came back and asked me, I’m sorry, what do I say? I’m a very polite person. I never force a woman in this place. I’ll stop seeing her in the future.

After more than two years, she came to me one day. She came. I joked with her. I said that I didn’t ask for you. You sent it. Her husband’s surname is Qi. I said you came. Does your husband know? Did you tell your husband about us? What about your husband? She said he asked me to come. I said he asked you to come. Of course, it can be made public. It’s all right.

I said these three special things. Her husband begged me for something. After the matter was settled, her husband and the two of them came to thank me. I joked with her husband. I said don’t thank you. You also have a price. Her husband smiled, too.

Another one is even more strange. Another person, I was very good with his wife. He saw it. Later, I had a relationship with his wife. She told me that he told me that you should be careful when playing with Xiao Zhang. This guy is unreliable. She said I laughed. What else can’t be relied on? It has already happened!

Her husband almost knows it. It’s strange that her husband is very influential. It’s strange that when I called, her husband said you should answer the phone. A good friend of yours called.

I heard it on the phone.

I’ll tell you a real story. If you don’t tell psychology, you won’t know about this man. It’s very strange.

There is a true story and a poem. He is such a person. I saw his (two) wives, one sister and one sister with my own eyes. His last name is Su, and everyone calls him big Su. His two wives and sisters do not care if they mess with others. I saw it with my own eyes. At that time, I was still young. When I was a teenager, he invited me to dinner. I saw his wife with my own eyes. When people ate, his wife sat on their lap like an ordinary girl. His second wife, that sister, left before the meal was finished. At that time, they thought it was not a good thing, so they left. After a while, they came back. They didn’t care at all. He doesn’t care at all.

This is not the most strange thing. It is more difficult for people to understand what happened later. The man surnamed Su has died, died of illness, and both his wives have committed suicide. So what is this? People can not understand, do not understand. The husband is dead. Both of them are dead. What do you mean? So this man, you don’t know the details of some things. You can’t know what it is. What do you mean by this? Why did he just kill himself? It’s not enough to commit suicide alone. Both sisters committed suicide.

The conservative relationship between men and women also depends on the situation. Let me tell you something. Now I often say that a person is just a piece of paper covering his face. Don’t open that paper. If you open it, it’s not sure what’s going on. Don’t open it. Benevolence, righteousness and morality, just the rationalist in history. Do you know the story of that rationalist? In the Song Dynasty, I forgot who it was. He was with his niece. It was a neo Confucianism, and his own niece. I forgot who it was and couldn’t tell.

A person is a piece of paper. Don’t expose it. That’s all you have to expose.

Someone said something that is also very interesting. Do you know what JiXiaolan, a great Confucian scholar of the Qing Dynasty, said? I dare not be angry with you. I was born, I don’t have sex. The rest must be done. This is what JiXiaolan said.

In Xishan, Emperor Kangxi asked him, what’s the matter with you?

Alas, I haven’t been home for a long time.

He hasn’t been home for many days. How about Kangxi? He gave him two maids in waiting. Two palace maids accompany him. What do you say about JiXiaolan.

I am crazy now.

I’d better talk about anything. If there is no wife or woman, I will be more bullshit. Drink some wine (madam) and warn me that you should stop bullshit. People say that you should always be crazy and less stable. Now I am crazy.

The weather is hot. I caught a cold a while ago because I took off my clothes. I am old and old!

Now I’m embarrassed to say that I have contacted eleven people, all of whom are serious people. A young lady I met with, I can’t say who she is. It’s very licentious. I haven’t seen such a person. Unlike this ordinary girl, I’ve never seen this. I can’t say her name. This person is simply ah. I’ll tell you the extent of her debauchery. She must come here every time she sees me, no matter who’s at home.

She is a strange person. She never tells me the truth. Later, I didn’t like her very much.

So who did you learn from? She doesn’t say, she doesn’t say! I don’t like people not to tell me the truth. I like women. When I ask her something, she tells me. I like it. She won’t tell me the truth. I’ll let it go. I won’t let you tell me.

This person is simply, the women I contact are prostitutes, but they are not as licentious as her. When I say this, I mean that this man is different from others.

Once I went to say goodbye to her. When I had to leave, I went to see her. I said I would go back to the northeast. I was just about to leave when she said you were leaving? You have to come here. Do you think this person is strange?

She needs, she must need, of course, I also know that there must be other men next to her, but she never tells me who other men are. I don’t know how she can do this.

Later, this person was more interesting. I gave her money and sent her to the United States. She was on the same boat with the old man, who was Mr. Jiang’s relative. Later, she returned home. She came back from studying in the United States. She was a student of Shanghai middle school. When she came back, I went to the hotel to see her. The first thing she asked for was this. I told her that you haven’t had boyfriends in America yet? How do you solve it? She said, what do you care about?

I said, the sex drive is different between men and women. I think she needs it very much.

I tell you, this man, I think I am also born different. This person’s age and life are different, and he has different requirements for the relationship between men and women.

Extended reading: “if I didn’t have a wife at that time, I would chase songmeiling.”

Zhangxueliang once said that in his life, two women were kind to him. One was Jiang songmeiling and the other was zhaoyidi. After the Xi’an Incident, Zhang Xueliang, who had a brotherly relationship with Chiang Kai Shek, instantly became Chiang Kai Shek’s unforgivable sinner. Songmeiling is the only one who can mediate and play a role in calming this bloody man without killing him. Zhangxueliang also insisted that Chiang Kai Shek did not kill him after the Xi’an Incident because songmeiling was the patron saint. In the passage of the century – Biography of Zhang Xueliang, Zhangxueliang described the details in this way: “I am not dead. The key is that Mrs. Jiang helps me. Mr. Jiang is going to shoot me. I didn’t know this at first, but I later saw something written by American envoy Johnson, who wrote about song (referring to songmeiling) He said to Mr. Chiang, “if you have something bad for that little fellow, I will immediately go away from Taiwan and I will make your affairs known to you.”. This sentence is very powerful. I think Mrs. Jiang is my confidant. Mrs. Jiang knows me very well. She said that during the Xi’an Incident, he (Zhangxueliang) did not want money and territory. What he wanted was sacrifice. ” Zhangxueliang once said in an interview that it was precisely because of his respect for songmeiling that he would keep the secret as long as songmeiling was alive.

In Zhangxueliang’s eyes, songmeiling was “extremely smart” and “no second person could be found in modern China”. Similarly, perhaps there was no one who could compare her closeness and appreciation with Zhangxueliang.

After the Northeast army defeated sunchuanfang in 1925, it entered Shanghai for the first time. Zhangxueliang was a playboy in Shanghai at that time. When he first met songmeiling, song was unmarried. He was also a famous young lady and beauty in Shanghai. When the Young Marshal met her, he immediately fell in love with her outstanding temperament and called her “as beautiful as heaven”. He also dated songmeiling several times and often danced and played together. Both of them were only in their twenties and felt very happy. The Young Marshal once said to wangshujun, “if I hadn’t had a wife at that time, I would have chased songmeiling (these Chiang Kai Shek didn’t know) At that time, Chiang Kai Shek was also pursuing songmeiling, and he followed him to Tokyo.

Later, Chiang Kai Shek met Zhang Xueliang for the first time in Beijing. Songmeiling was also present. Songmeiling greeted Zhangxueliang: “Peter, how are you?” Chiang Kai Shek wondered, “how did you two know each other?” When songmeiling met Zhangxueliang in Shanghai in 1925, everyone knew that she was Sun Yat Sen’s sister-in-law and a famous lady. Chiang Kai Shek was only a colonel at that time, and in the army, he could not touch her at all.

After the Central Plains war, Chiang Kai Shek specially invited Zhang Xueliang to Nanjing to attend the Fourth Plenary Session of the third Central Committee of the Kuomintang, and also invited his wife Yu Fengzhi to Nanjing. Due to previous contacts, songmeiling had a very good impression of Zhangxueliang. At the same time, she was amazed by the son of “Hu Shuai” The young hero on the horse has the demeanor of the so-called “knight on the Rhine” in the West. When she recalled that the Young Marshal had been appointed in the face of danger, resolutely removed the pro Japanese veterans yangyuting and Chang yinhuai, peeped at the fighters, and entered the pass to end the Central Plains war, she also felt that the energetic young hero was a great politician. The ceremony to welcome Yu Fengzhi was also hosted by songmeiling. When Yu Fengzhi got off the special bus, songmeiling quickly walked up to her and hugged her affectionately, fully showing her style and charm as the “first woman” of the Republic of China. That night, songmeiling held a banquet in her private residence to wash away Zhang Xueliang and Yu Fengzhi. She hardly arranged any political scenes. Everything was family and female. This made Yu Fengzhi, who was not very sociable, feel close to her soon. After a few days, the two people shuttle and interact, inseparable. Songmeiling’s mother, Mrs. song, saw that her third daughter was so close to Yu Fengzhi and that Yu Fengzhi was so gentle and quiet, so she decided to recognize Yu Fengzhi as her daughter. Songmeiling and Yu Fengzhi also became sworn sisters. Because songmeiling was young, she affectionately called Yu Fengzhi sister Gan. The next day, Chiang Kai Shek also took the initiative to change the blue spectrum with Zhang Xueliang and became a brother with a different surname.

“We apologize to Han Qing”

In december1936, at the critical moment of national crisis, for the sake of national justice, Zhang Xueliang resolutely launched the Xi’an Incident with general yanghucheng, which shocked China and the world, promoted the second cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, and made a historic contribution to the final formation of the Anti Japanese War of the whole nation.

At the end of the incident, in order to save Chiang Kai Shek’s face, the young commander wanted to send him back to Nanjing. Jiang said to Zhang, “I can’t guarantee your life in Nanjing.” Songmeiling insisted that “when we return to Nanjing, we must send Hanqing (referring to Zhangxueliang) back to Xi’an”. This stalwart man in Northeast China, who pursued the principle of “a hero should be a hero”, insisted on sending Chiang Kai Shek away, but was put under house arrest for half a century.

Songmeiling later said to Chiang Kai Shek, “we are sorry for Han Qing.” she did not keep her promise to send the Young Marshal back, but she managed to keep Zhang Xueliang alive and tried to take care of him in life. In fact, Zhangxueliang, in his later self-examination of the Xi’an Incident, also recalled the mistakes before the incident, saying that if his wife was in Xi’an at that time, the Xi’an military incident might not have happened.

Has far more common language than Chiang Kai Shek

Influenced by the similarity of birth, age, English and western education, songmeiling and Zhangxueliang have much more common language than Chiang Kai Shek. Songmeiling believes that Chiang Kai Shek can still be called a hero. However, Zhang Xueliang, who is diametrically opposite to the narrow-minded and suspicious Chiang Kai Shek, is a hero of a higher realm with his bold spirit and true disposition. Future generations can not even guess whether songmeiling’s extraordinary care and love for Zhang Xueliang has a kind of narrow compensation for Chiang Kai Shek.

There were about 500 letters in four boxes left by Zhangxueliang, including his correspondence with Chiang Kai Shek, songmeiling, songziwen, kongxiangxi, chenlifu, Jiang Jingguo, Chen Cheng, yanghucheng, Dai Li, duanna and other important people. Among these letters, Zhangxueliang and songmeiling have the most correspondence, more than 100. These letters show that songmeiling has always cared for Zhang Xueliang since the “Xi’an Incident” in 1936.

Zhangxueliang and songmeiling had sincere feelings in their letter exchanges. Songmeiling called Zhangxueliang “Hanqing”; Zhangxueliang called songmeiling “madam” and called herself “Liang”. Zhang and song wrote to each other, and songmeiling mostly wrote in English. From the letters exchanged between the two people, it can be seen that songmeiling takes great care of Zhangxueliang under house arrest, especially in her daily life. She often sends daily necessities and gifts to Zhangxueliang and transfers them to Zhang Xueliang’s family in the United States, including the articles and letters entrusted by his original wife Yu Fengzhi. Songmeiling once read that Zhang Xueliang had bad eyes, so she gave him a desk lamp brought back from the United States. The letter also shows that songmeiling has a good personal relationship with Yu Fengzhi and is called “Sister Feng”.

Songmeiling, who is used to communicating in English, wrote carefully and thoughtfully in Chinese when Zhang Xueliang was ill. She was not good at writing in Chinese, but it was convenient for Zhang Xueliang, who was ill, not to bother reading English. This consideration was also reflected in songmeiling’s sharing with Zhangxueliang when she received a gift of chocolate from a friend.

Unusual Platonic emotion

Zhangxueliang, who originally believed in Buddhism, became a devout Christian after songmeiling’s persuasion during the long years of confinement. Songmeiling hoped that faith would help Zhang stay away from politics and relieve his resentment. We don’t know whether Zhangxueliang finally won the freedom of being late with an optimistic and positive attitude. But songmeiling’s tone when persuading Zhang to join the church was like an unusual friend: “Han Qing, you have gone the wrong way again. If you don’t believe me, say it’s good. Many celebrities in the world believe in Christianity.”

Not only did Zhang Xueliang do so, but his wife, Miss Zhao Si, eventually became a Christian. It was songmeiling’s help that Miss Zhao Si, who was in her Hong Kong apartment after Zhang was imprisoned, was able to return to Zhang. Soon after Zhao arrived in Taiwan, songmeiling introduced dongxianguang to teach Zhang and his wife to study the English Bible.

It may be worth saying that songmeiling, who was originally familiar with Yu Fengzhi, did not like Miss Zhao Si. However, with the baptism of years, songmeiling paid more and more respect to Miss Zhao Si and promoted her marriage. On july4,1964, Zhang Xueliang, 64, and Miss Zhao Si, 51, married in a strict religious ceremony at the home of an American priest on Hangzhou south road, Taipei. The couple, who had been in love for more than 30 years, finally became husband and wife. Songmeiling attended the simple wedding.

After Zhang was set free, he once lamented: “songmeiling lives a day, and I can live a day.” This is a perfect description of the patron saint relationship between songmeiling and Zhangxueliang. Songmeiling, who once had a strong desire for power and appeared as a political totem good at showmanship, only showed sincere and delicate feelings in her contacts with people with true temperament like Zhang Xueliang. This unusual Platonic emotion appeared between these two people with special status and destiny. It was incredible, but sincere, and logical.

In october2001, general Zhang Xueliang died of illness in Honolulu, Hawaii at the age of 101. The news came that songmeiling, who had been friends with the “Young Marshal” for more than 70 years, was very sad. She remained silent for a long time and pondered the past. She expressed her sadness through konglingyi, and specially told guzhenfu’s wife yanzhuoyun (granddaughter of Yanfu), who had been Chiang Kai Shek’s Japanese translator, to go to Hawaii on behalf of her to attend Zhang Xueliang’s memorial service and public sacrifice on the 23rd, bid farewell to the “Young Marshal” and pay tribute to his family. Mrs. Gu placed a bunch of cross flowers with “Jiang songmeiling” in front of the “Young Marshal” spirit.

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