Zhangyunlong, zhongchuxi, playing at the seaside late at night, did zhangyunlong and wangyifei break up

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Zhangyunlong and zhongchuxi are well-known stars. Recently, some media photographed Zhang Yunlong and Zhong Chuxi playing in the sea late at night. Their interaction seems to be a little couple. Everyone is very curious about whether zhangyunlong and zhongchuxi have contacts? Curious, did zhangyunlong and wangyifei break up? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhangyunlong and zhongchuxi play in the sea at night

Some gossip media uploaded photos of Zhang Yunlong and Zhong Chuxi playing at sea. On that day, Zhong Chuxi obviously drank too much wine and ran to the sea alone. Zhangyunlong and zhongchuxi’s assistant also hurried to catch up for fear that zhongchuxi might have an accident. Although there was an assistant, zhangyunlong was very worried about the whole process. He had to help Zhong Chuxi. Zhong Chuxi was still “ Angry ” He shook off Zhang Yunlong’s hand and insisted on playing in the sea. Zhangyunlong helped zhongchuxi hold her coat, and the good medicine helped her to avoid falling down. Zhongchuxi, who was still barefoot, was busy enough to pay attention to safety.

After the clip was released, many netizens thought that zhangyunlong and zhongchuxi were in love. However, many netizens questioned that the two were friends, or were hyping the cooperation between the two. Because zhangyunlong and zhongchuxi are the furthest away from shooting TV dramas in Sanya, they are a pair in the drama. After finishing work this time, the two went to dinner together. Zhong Chuxi drank some wine at the dinner table and then “ Get drunk ” I have to go to the sea to play.

Did zhangyunlong and wangyifei break up

Many netizens were curious when Zhang Yunlong and wangyifei split their hands after seeing the scandal about Zhang Yunlong and zhongchuxi. Both of them are artists of Jiaxing. Previously, they were photographed to go to Japan to play together. They held hands and fed each other. Obviously, they are little lovers in love. However, even if the two were photographed, they never admitted the relationship. Even if they broke up at will, they would not announce it.

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