Zhangzhehan is exposed to be a single fleeing netizen who roast that he would do something

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Because of his political position, Zhang zhehan was blocked by the entertainment circle with his popularity. Now Zhang zhehan can only be active on the Internet. It is impossible to make a comeback in the mainland. Zhang zhehan was exposed to have escaped the order. After eating the melon, netizens all said that they had high credibility and thought that Zhang zhehan would do such a thing. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhangzhehan is exposed to have escaped the order

The cause of the matter was that a makeup artist named zhaohuahua sent a video to roast about a male star named Ma Bao. Zhaohuahua said that the male star was killed less than a year after he became popular because of a play. The actor met zhaohuahua because of his work before he became popular. With the help of zhaohuahua’s friends, he bought a very affordable RV. At that time, male stars like zhaohuahua and his friends said that they would have the opportunity to ask them out to play.

Once in Hangzhou, the male star invited zhaohuahua and his friends to have coffee. Then he booked a KTV near the West Lake and took them to sing K. It turned out that the male star decided to go to the most common KTV. Not long after he came to the KTV, the male star began to shake people with his mobile phone. Finally, eight girls came.

Zhangzhehan is exposed by the makeup artist

After playing in the KTV for two hours, the male said he was tired and had to leave. The waiter came in to check out. As a result, the male star could not swipe money from wechat to Alipay or his card. The male star asked the girl sitting beside him to help advance the money, but was rejected by the other party. Finally, Zhao Huahua’s friend helped pay the money. The male star originally said that he would return the money at night. However, Zhao Huahua and his friend were blackmailed by the male star that night. Netizens soon locked the actor in Zhang zhehan, and Zhang zhehan’s fans also began to report zhaohuahua crazily, saying that he was slandering Zhang zhehan. Do you think this melon is real?

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