Zhao Meng denied that Zhao yingzi didn’t flush the toilet. Of course, it didn’t happen

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No netizens who have watched sister Lang 3 will like zhaoyingzi. She really lost all her good feelings when she joined sister Lang 3. Recently, the rumors about her not flushing the toilet made us sick. Zhao Meng denied that Zhao yingzi didn’t flush the toilet, saying it was nothing. She shouted to netizens not to take their seats according to their numbers. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhao Meng denies that Zhao yingzi doesn’t flush the toilet

Previously, it was revealed that the blogger recorded a video, saying that one of the three sisters of sister Lang did not flush the toilet, making several of her sisters who lived with her sick. According to the information given by the breaking news blogger, everyone thinks that Zhao yingzi did this, and the news change has directly rushed to the top of the hot search list. Many gourd eaters have a cynical attitude, and Zhao yingzi has been scolded by netizens for this matter.

Zhao yingzi was also very angry about this. She made several dynamic expressions of her grievances on the social platform, and Zhao yingzi studio directly denied the rumors. To everyone’s surprise, ZHAOMENG, one of sister Lang 3, came out to speak for zhaoyingzi. Zhao Meng left a message to comfort the eliminated zhaoyingzi, saying that she hoped she could get rid of some shackles and be happy all the time. Zhaoyingzi happily replied to ZHAOMENG that she would play the guitar with her next time.

Zhao Meng refutes rumors for Zhao yingzi

I didn’t expect that the good news netizens also came to join the fun. They left a message to ask Zhao Meng under the interaction of Zhao Meng and Zhao yingzi: “ You share a dormitory with zhaoyingzi, so are those rumors true ”? Zhao Meng replied to the netizen: “ Of course not. Don’t take your seat according to the number;. Zhao Meng’s answer directly refuted the rumor that Zhao yingzi didn’t flush the toilet. Although Zhao yingzi’s performance in the program is not pleasant, the marketing number should not create some absurd rumors for her.

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