Zhaoji, the queen mother of Qin, was sent to the palace by her ex husband

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For thousands of years, the reason why there has been an endless debate about the birth father of Qinshihuang is largely caused by Zhaoji, the mother of Qinshihuang. Zhao Ji was originally an advocate girl in Handan. She was the concubine of LV Buwei, a rich merchant. Later, LV Buwei gave her as a gift to a stranger, the prince of the state of Qin. Zhao Ji, a weak woman who seemed unable to control her own destiny, became the queen of the state of Qin just because she married a stranger, and became a woman who influenced the process of Chinese history because she gave birth to Zhao Zheng. However, this woman who became a nation did not have a high evaluation of her in history. She left behind a bad image of a woman who was licentious by nature, indulged in male favourites and dictatorship, and harmed the country and the people. So, what kind of person was Zhaoji in history? As a key figure connecting LV Buwei, Yiren and Qinshihuang, how did Zhaoji affect the unification of the six kingdoms of Qin?

Son Chu dies, Zhaoji continues to lead the way

In the 50th year of King Zhaoxiang of Qin Dynasty (257 BC), the Qin army stormed Handan, the capital of the state of Zhao, in an attempt to capture the capital of Zhao at one fell swoop and destroy the state of Zhao. The army and people of the state of Zhao launched a tragic and tragic battle to defend the capital. The supreme authority of the state of Zhao resolutely decided to kill the protons of the state of Qin in the face of the move of the Qin army to kill Zhao. After learning the news, LV Buwei bribed officials of the state of Zhao with a large sum of 600 gold and escaped from Handan surrounded by the Qin army with a strange man. However, the strange wife Zhaoji failed to escape with her son Zhaozheng and her husband lvbuwei. Therefore, after the stranger fled the state of Zhao, the authorities of the state of Zhao made every effort to arrest Zhao Ji and Zhao Zheng; Zhao Ji and Zhao Zhengdong hid in Tibet and lived a life of displacement and fear.

In 251 BC, King Zhaoxiang of Qin, who had reigned for 56 years in the history of the Qin state, finally died. Prince anguojun ascended the throne as king of Qin. He was king Xiaowen of Qin. After Prince an ascended the throne, he made his son Chu (changed his name to Zichu) the crown prince.

After the news that Zichu was the crown prince spread to the state of Zhao, the state of Zhao dared not pursue and kill Zhaoji and Zhaozheng, because Zhaoji was the wife of Zichu and was likely to be the queen of Qin in the future; Zhaozheng is the legitimate son of Zichu and is likely to inherit the throne in the future. Therefore, the state of Zhao took the initiative to find Zhao Ji and Zhao Zheng, and sent them back to the state of Qin with great courtesy (in the 56th year of King Zhao of Qin, the crown prince an Guojun was established as the king, Mrs. Huayang as the queen, and the son Chu as the crown prince. Zhao also gave the son, Mrs. Chu and the son Zheng to Qin).

Zhao Ji finally ended her nightmare life in the state of Zhao and returned to her husband, son Chu. Her son Ying Zheng also ended her nine-year childhood in the state of Zhao.

However, King Xiaowen of Qin was in such poor health that he died just three days after he formally ascended the throne. Son Chu had just become the crown prince. Before he could taste the taste of becoming the crown prince, his father fell ill. He never thought that he could become king of Qin (King Zhuang Xiang) from the crown prince so quickly. Zhao Ji also became the queen. His son Ying Zheng was naturally made the crown prince.

Zhao Ji, who had good looks and skills, married LV Buwei first. Because she met a stranger by chance, she was liked by the stranger, and LV Buwei gave it to the stranger as a gift. As the wife of the protons of the state of Qin, she was frightened and hid. Now she has finally come to terms with all her hardships and become the queen of the state of Qin. However, happiness is always so short.

In 247 BC, King Zhuangxiang of Qin, who had been in power for just three years, left his beautiful wife Zhaoji and died. He followed his father, who had been the official king of Qin for only three days.

In her prime, Zhao Ji suddenly became a survivor. Although her 13-year-old son Ying Zheng became king of Qin and became Queen Mother, the young woman and queen mother lost her former vitality in her daily life and suddenly became lonely and lonely.

Just then, a man’s figure entered Zhao Ji’s vision.

Who is he? Lu Buwei, Prime Minister of the state of Qin.

With the successful operation of LV Buwei, Zichu became the monarch of the state of Qin. King Zhuang Xiang, who ascended the throne, did not hesitate to fulfill his promise of “being like a king’s policy. Please share it with the state of Qin”. He appointed LV Buwei as prime minister and granted him Wenxin Hou. LV Buwei successfully transformed from a businessman to a politician.

After the death of King Zhuang Xiang of Qin, LV Buwei became the second king of Qin Ying Zheng.

For Ying Zheng, although his life was not given by LV Buwei, LV Buwei was a red candle to him, lighting up his life, illuminating his future and creating his historical status as an emperor for thousands of years. Without Lu Buwei offering Zhao Ji to Zichu, there would be no Ying Zheng’s life and everything.

Because, without Lu Buwei’s packaging and operation, it would be impossible for Zichu to ascend the throne as King Zhuang Xiang of Qin; Without the support of LV Buwei, Ying Zheng would not succeed to the throne.

Therefore, after Ying Zheng ascended the throne, he honored LV Buwei as the prime minister and called him “Zhong Fu” (he honored LV Buwei as the prime minister and called him Zhong Fu). Zhong Fu was inferior to his father’s parents. In the official system of the Qin Dynasty, there were two prime ministers, but only one prime minister. The prime minister’s status was significantly higher than that of the prime minister. Ying Zheng changed LV Buwei from prime minister to Prime Minister mainly because he was only 13 years old when he ascended the throne and was unable to take charge of the imperial government. LV Buwei was responsible for the overall management of the internal affairs and diplomacy of the Qin state.

For Zhao Ji, LV Buwei is a man who can meet her physiological needs.

After the death of King Zhuang Xiang of Qin Dynasty, Zhao Ji was widowed; Although she was already the queen mother of the state of Qin at this time, Zhaoji was a woman unwilling to be lonely. The identity of the queen mother could not confine her mind and body. LV Buwei was the prime minister and Zhaoji’s former husband. Therefore, after the death of King Zhuangxiang of Qin Dynasty, Zhao Ji began to date and have intimate relations with LV Buwei frequently (the king of Qin was young, and the Empress Dowager often stole and had intimate relations with LV Buwei).

As a prime minister, LV Buwei was at the peak of his power; When LV Buwei was only rich, he already had young talented women like Zhao Ji. Now LV Buwei is rich and powerful. Naturally, there is no shortage of beautiful women around him. Why should he risk having an affair with empress dowager Zhao Ji?

I think the main reason is that I don’t want to offend the queen mother. Ying Zheng was already a 13-year-old child. No matter how young Zhao Ji was, she was probably a woman in her thirties. Since there are many young girls around LV Buwei who are more than ten years younger than Zhao Ji, they also have an affair with Zhao Ji, mainly because of political considerations. Men are the so-called “political animals”. LV Buwei abandoned business to engage in politics and became a prime minister. Now he has a strategic vision of politics in every move. He is no longer a simple businessman in Handan in the past.

Compared with the young girls around LV Buwei, Zhao Ji is no longer young, but she is the queen mother. Although LV Buwei was the prime minister and Zhongfu, and took charge of the court, he was ultimately a minister. It is needless to say which is more important than the monarch. LV Buwei’s status today is hard won. If he offended the empress dowager, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Zhao Ji is a physiological need and LV Buwei is a political need. Two different needs bind the Empress Dowager and the prime minister together.

The Empress Dowager’s favorite minister is not allowed to exercise power

This abnormal relationship between LV Buwei and Zhao Ji can be concealed from Ying Zheng when he was young. Once Ying Zheng grows up, it is difficult for him not to notice this relationship.

Of course, LV Buwei is worried that this abnormal relationship will be known by Ying Zheng, who is growing up. In any case, Ying Zheng can’t accept Zhongfu and his mother. Once their adultery is exposed to Ying Zheng, it will be a devastating disaster for LV Buwei. However, Zhao Ji, as always, was still clinging to LV Buwei (the first emperor Yi Zhuang, the Empress Dowager continued to indulge in prostitution). As a result, LV Buwei began to rack his brains to find a way out.

How can we get away safely without being noticed by the Queen Mother Zhaoji?

There was only one way for LV Buwei to think about it: to find a substitute. If someone can meet Zhao Ji’s needs instead of herself, she can get away. From this, we can see that LV Buwei and the widowed Zhao Ji revisited their old friendship. For LV Buwei, it was not out of emotional needs, but political strategies.

As a result, LV Buwei unexpectedly found a strong man named L à o ? i. And took him in as his disciple (LV Buwei was afraid that it would harm him, but he privately asked the great Yin people to sacrifice others).

However, how can I skillfully recommend him to Zhao Ji?

This is really a difficult problem! If it is mishandled, Zhao Ji finds out that LV Buwei wants to get rid of his shell. Not only can he not get rid of his shell, but he may also incur accountability. That would be a disaster for LV Buwei.

There are more methods than problems. LV Buwei thought hard for many days, and finally came up with a solution to this problem: create a news, and make it explosive enough, so that it can be spread by word of mouth to the Empress Dowager Zhaoji, who lives in the deep palace.

This is another difficult problem! At that time, there was no radio, television, newspapers and periodicals, and it was not easy to hype up something or to praise someone.

LV Buwei finally asked her to hold a soul stirring performance of sexual function, deliberately letting Zhao Ji, the queen mother, know the amazing act of the performance, so as to seduce Zhao Ji. Zhao Ji heard that she had such a powerful sexual function, and immediately wanted to get her. LV Buwei took the opportunity to offer her a piece of cake (he always advocated music, so that she could pass the Tung wheel with her Yin, so that the Empress Dowager could smell it and eat it. When the Empress Dowager heard it, he wanted to get it for himself. LV Buwei entered the cake).

He is a strong man. To send him to the palace to serve the empress dowager, he must ensure his normal sexual ability and avoid being criticized by the public. How can he be sent to the palace?

This is still a difficult problem! In fact, life is spent in solving difficult problems. Of course, LV Buwei will not be baffled by the new problems.

He let him enter the palace as a eunuch!

In this way, you can not only deceive the world, but also completely send him to the Empress Dowager to serve her.

But how does this work?

Find the Empress Dowager.

LV Buwei and Empress Dowager Zhao Ji discussed a way to get the best of both worlds: first, she was told that she had committed the crime of palace punishment, and then the Empress Dowager privately gave a heavy gift to the officials in charge of the palace punishment in advance. These officials received the heavy gift and knew that it was the task assigned by the empress dowager, so the whole palace punishment was all disguised. Finally, he, who had been tortured in the palace, went to the palace as an eunuch to serve the Empress Dowager (he cheated people to accuse them of corruption, but Wei Youyin said that the Empress Dowager said: if you can cheat and corrupt, you have to give it to him).

However, eunuchs who had been tortured in the palace had no beards because they lacked androgens. Therefore, although it is a pretence to use palace punishment on him, he must not be allowed to have a beard, so the executioner had to pull out his beard one by one.

In this way, he changed into a “eunuch” and was immediately arranged in the Empress Dowager’s bedroom, becoming the Empress Dowager’s favorite. The Empress Dowager was very satisfied with her and even conceived her child (the Empress Dowager was a corrupt person who was given a generous gift by Yin. Officials talked about deceit. She plucked out her men and became an official, so she was able to serve the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager was intimate with her and loved her dearly.

The fact that a widowed empress dowager is pregnant has become a big news in the Qin palace. However, it is the Empress Dowager who is cheating and pregnant. Who dares to tell? However, after all, the queen mother felt that this matter could not be known to more people, especially her son Ying Zheng; Therefore, the Empress Dowager pretended that divination was unlucky. She should change her living environment and move to Yongdi (now Fengxiang, Shaanxi), the former residence of the state of Qin. He was still the closest follower of the queen mother, and followed her every step of the way.

In the eighth year of the reign of the king of Qin (239 BC), he was granted the title of marquis Changxin and was granted a land of Shanyang. Shanyangdi is the area of Huojia and Qinyang in Henan Province. Shanyang is the food town that Zhao Ji, the queen mother, gave to Pei, who still lives in the capital. According to the historical records of his life at that time, he said: “the palace, chariots, horses, clothes, gardens, hunting, and so on.” All the enjoyment is enjoyed by you. This is “wanton”. It can be said that his life is extremely luxurious and he enjoys top-level treatment.

He was favored by the Empress Dowager and became rich overnight. He had thousands of servants in his family. It is understandable and incredible that there were more than 1000 people who wanted to become disciples in his family by becoming an official. At that time, he suddenly became a powerful family in the state of Qin and LV Buwei.

This is because the Empress Dowager Zhaoji, while favoring him, also let him interfere in state affairs and regarded Taiyuan County as his fief. By virtue of her hot position in front of the queen mother, all political affairs depend on her (no matter how big or small, they all depend on her, especially the Hexi Dayuan county).

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