Zhaoliying and fengshaofeng appear in the same private club. Fengshaofeng is exposed to want to remarry

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Many star couples who break up or divorce in the entertainment industry will choose not to share the same stage and frame any more to avoid embarrassment, or they really don’t want to have anything to do with each other. But there are exceptions, such as zhaoliying and fengshaofeng. Zhaoliying and fengshaofeng appeared in the same private club, and the media broke the news that fengshaofeng was pursuing zhaoliying again and wanted to remarry with zhaoliying. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhaoliying and fengshaofeng appear in the private club

It is reported that a producer wanted to invite fengshaofeng and libingbing to work together to make a film, but after reading the script, libingbing thought that zhaoliying was more suitable for her role in the film than herself, so she recommended zhaoliying to the producer. Libingbing did this because zhaoliying is an artist of libingbing company. It is normal for the boss to fight for roles for his own artists. So the producer made an appointment with zhaoliying, and fengshaofeng was also present. The group met at a very private club in Hengdian, but they were photographed by the media.

After zhaoliying and her party left the private club, fengshaofeng and the staff came out of the club almost five minutes later. Although fengshaofeng and zhaoliying have divorced, they can still maintain such friendly interaction, and even do not exclude the cooperation in filming again. It is really difficult in the entertainment industry. No wonder everyone guesses that fengshaofeng and zhaoliying have an unforgettable old relationship, and they may get back together.

Fengshaofeng is exposed to want to remarry

There are even media reports that fengshaofeng wants to pursue zhaoliying again and wants to remarry with zhaoliying. However, zhaoliying felt that the two were more suitable to be friends than boyfriend and girlfriend and husband and wife. She refused fengshaofeng’s request for remarriage. Zhaoliying had never married fengshaofeng before. In fact, to a certain extent, it shows that she doesn’t love fengshaofeng very much, so she can’t remarry with fengshaofeng after divorce.

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