Zhaoliying is the heroine and producer of the show with Fengxing

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Many netizens said that each of the 85 flowers this year has a costume drama, and zhaoliying took over with Feng Xing this year. When Yu Feng started up today, Netizens found that Zhao Liying, in addition to the identity of the heroine, also acted as the producer of Yu Feng. It seems that Zhao Liying is very interested in Yu Feng. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

And Fengxing start today

And Feng hang started the machine today and held a grand opening ceremony. And with Fengxing official wechat, the official also announced the cast and the main staff behind the scenes. Yu Fengxing is a drama of a big female leader. As a result, after watching the official propaganda of the official wechat, we found that zhaoliying also acted as a producer. The position of production supervisor is very important. He should be responsible for the daily operation and planning of the production team, and supervise the creation of the director and the expenditure of the production team on behalf of the producer.

And Feng hang must have determined that zhaoliying played the role long ago, but it was unexpected that zhaoliying also acted as a producer this time. The fans are also very happy about this. Congratulations to zhaoliying. The fans also believe that zhaoliying will be equally excellent both in front of and behind the scenes. However, some fans are worried that if Feng hang fails to achieve the expected results at that time, black fans will take this matter as an example and turn to black zhaoliying everywhere.

Zhaoliying as the heroine and producer

Xiaobian feels that fans don’t need to worry too much about gains and losses. Zhaoliying’s acting as the supervisor of Yu Feng Xing this time is definitely a great progress for her. This shows that zhaoliying not only wants to be a successful actress, but also wants to participate in more film and television creation. If Feng Xing and Zhao Liying can get angry, Zhao Liying will definitely continue to be the producer. Moreover, netizens also found that zhaoliying’s ex husband fengshaofeng started supervising production long ago, for example, Feng Shaofeng starred in de Lanling king. I wonder if zhaoliying was inspired by fengshaofeng when she supervised the production.

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