Zhaoyingzi Langjie 3 is isolated really? Why does Zhang Qiang like zhaoyingzi so much

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Sister Lang has been filming for the third season. None of the two forgotten stories can be as popular as zhaoyingzi, and even isolated by her sisters in the program group. Zhaoyingzi Langjie 3 is isolated really? Why does Zhang Qiang like Zhao yingzi so much? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhaoyingzi and Langjie 3 are isolated

The reason why many netizens feel that Zhao yingzi is isolated in the program is that other sisters in the program basically have no close interaction with Zhao yingzi. Even if there is interaction, that is, like Gillian, it is very unfriendly interaction. Even Ajiao, who has such a good temper, can feel it. She still doesn’t like zhaoyingzi very much. In addition, if everyone participates in a program at the same time, basically microblogs will be related to each other.

Netizens found that the other sisters in sister Lang 3 basically did not pay attention to zhaoyingzi, and some sisters even paid attention to everyone else, except zhaoyingzi, which is very targeted. The only one in the program who likes to associate with zhaoyingzi should be Zhang Qiang. Zhang Qiang even recognized zhaoyingzi as her own daughter. In fact, many netizens like Zhang Qiang very much. Everyone can’t understand why she would be a daughter in her hands.

Why does Zhang Qiang like zhaoyingzi so much

Xiaobian thinks that maybe Zhao yingzi is sweet mouthed. When chatting with Zhang Qiang, she will bring the two people closer and express how she likes Zhang Qiang. There is a scene in the program where Zhang Qiang and Jing Jing are talking. Zhaoyingzi silently brings Zhang Qiang a cup of coffee, so Zhao yingzi can naturally win Zhang Qiang’s favor. And Zhang Qiang, at her age, should be very indifferent to these things. Maybe she thinks it’s not easy for a girl to work hard in the entertainment industry, and she doesn’t have any friends in the program group. It’s out of kindness that she gets close to Zhao yingzi!

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