Zhaoyingzi praised Xie Na. It seems that the monkey is crazy to think of red

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In the latest episode of sister Lang 3, she worked with Zhao yingzi in a quiet way, and made it clear that she did not want to choose Zhao yingzi to join her team again, but finally she chose Zhao yingzi because of Zhao yingzi’s tears. It seems that her sisters in the program also dislike Zhao yingzi like netizens. Zhao yingzi praised Xie Na for being like a monkey. Netizens denounced Zhao yingzi for wanting to be red and crazy. Now she wants to hype when she catches someone. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zhaoyingzi likes Xie Na like a monkey

Today is Friday. After the latest episode of Lang Jie 3 was broadcast, Xie Na made a hot search on the screen imitating Zhao yingzi in the program. As a result, some netizens commented that Xie Na looked like a monkey. The implication was that roast was too ugly. Unexpectedly, zhaoyingzi praised this comment. Only five netizens liked this comment, one of whom was Zhao yingzi. Zhaoyingzi’s move is obviously very unfriendly to Xie Na.

Soon, news about Zhao yingzi’s praise of Xie Na’s microblog followed a hot search. Netizens were very distressed about Xie Na and thought Zhao yingzi was using Xie Na to hype. After all, since the launch of sister Lang 3, Zhao yingzi has made various seemingly crazy remarks and behaviors, all of which are used to hype. Xie Na paid close attention to Zhao yingzi long ago. She wondered if it would be embarrassing and regretful to see Zhao yingzi’s crazy behavior. Anyway, the netizens who are not too busy to watch the excitement are already shouting to Xie Na to let her hurry to get off Zhao yingzi.

Zhaoyingzi is crazy when she wants to be red

There are many ways for roast to rub the heat, but Zhao chose the one with the lowest limit. But netizens don’t have to be too angry, because the program will be broadcast on the second public stage soon, and Zhao yingzi was eliminated at the time of the second public. Besides, ERGONG eliminated only one person. Do Netizens feel happy?

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