Zheng Baorui’s new film “homicide” is expected to kill and bury the body, which is brutal and dark

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Director Zheng Baorui

The new film “homicide” recently released its first trailer, which continues Zheng Baorui’s always fierce image style. Murder, burial, flowing blood, burning spells… Coupled with the prominent image color, a sense of strangeness arises spontaneously, which makes your back cool.

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Screenshot of Lin Jiadong’s “homicide” Preview

Although the whole trailer only lasts for 31 seconds, it is not difficult to see that “homicide” is Zheng Baorui’s another personalized and outstanding work after “dog bites dog”, “kill wolf 2” and “wisdom tooth”.

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Cruelty, darkness and heavy taste have long become the labels of Zheng Baorui’s films, which has something to do with his immersion in the galaxy. This “homicide” is the work of Zheng Baorui’s “return” to the impression of galaxy. He will work with the screenwriter you Naihai. What kind of sparks will be created in the film “homicide” by the two people who were once expected to succeed the impression of galaxy, and what kind of human nature will Zheng Baorui and you Naihai reveal behind the burial and murder? It is expected.

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“Homicide” preview screenshot

It is reported that “homicide” is directed by Zheng Baorui, written by you Naihai and Li Chunhui, starring Lin Jiadong, Yang Lewen, Wu tingye, Wu Yongshi, Chen Zhanwen, etc. it tells the story between a fortune teller and a murderer.

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It is worth mentioning that Zheng Baorui also has a work to be screened, “siege of Jiulong walled city”, which has also attracted the attention of netizens. Starring Gu Tianle, Hong Jinbao, Ren Xianqi and others, the film tells the story of a young man in distress who accidentally broke into the Jiulong walled city and was involved in a battle of the storm.

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At the just concluded Hong Kong Golden Awards, wisdom teeth directed by Zheng Baorui won the best screenplay award and the best actress award, and mainland actress Liu Yase also successfully won the queen of the film, so wisdom teeth and Kowloon Walled City are expected.

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