Zheng Hehui’s son Wang Yilun’s love suspicion was exposed. Did Zheng Hehui’s son Huang Shengchi break up

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The famous gossip blogger announced in advance that he would expose the love melon of a four character star. With great momentum, everyone thought it was Dili Reba’s melon, but finally it was Zheng hehuizi’s melon. Zheng hehuizi’s suspicion of Wang Yilun’s relationship was exposed, and many netizens were also curious about whether Zheng hehuizi and Huang Shengchi had broken up? I’ll introduce the specific situation today.

Zheng Hehui’s son Wang Yilun’s love suspicion was exposed

The gossip blogger exposed the video of Zheng hehuizi and Wang Yilun, saying that the two people had a dinner with their friends. After the dinner, they went to see traditional Chinese medicine and beauty salons with their friends, and finally returned to the hotel together. Zheng Hehui, Wang Yilun, a passer-by, pasted it very closely, looking like a couple in love. And the two people stuck together for four days, and the four-day journey was similar.

After the news of the change was exposed, Zheng hehuizi and Wang Yilun did not come out to respond. Instead, Zheng hehuizi officially announced her new play. She recently entered the group to play the TV series leyouyuan. No wonder some netizens questioned Zheng hehuizi’s love affair with Wang Yilun in order to hype the new drama for Zheng hehuizi and attract attention. But Zheng Hehui’s son Wang Yilun didn’t respond. To a certain extent, he tacitly accepted the relationship between the two people. It’s just that zhenghehuizi has been considered to have a boyfriend before. Her boyfriend is actor Huang Shengchi, who is one year younger than her.

Did Zheng hehuizi and Huang Shengchi break up

Zheng hehuizi and Huang Shengchi have participated in “bride in the flower”, “under the skin” and other dramas together. At the beginning, the rumors of the two men were also very true. Zheng hehuizi also did not respond to this rumor and did not admit or deny it. However, at the beginning of this year, Zheng hehuizi sent an article suggesting that he was single. Now it seems that she and Huang Shengchi must have broken up. Otherwise, Zheng Hehui’s son Wang Yilun will be exposed to love, and Huang Shengchi will not be so quiet as now. He must come out to hammer.

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