Zheng Jun exposes that corporal punishment of children provokes controversy and explains that he has never beaten his son

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Many parents like to share topics related to their children in the circle of friends, as do many stars, who will share things related to their children on Weibo. However, these sharing can sometimes cause some trouble. Zheng Jun claims that corporal punishment of children has caused controversy. In this regard, Zheng Jun also sent a document explaining that he has never beaten his son. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zheng Jun exposes that corporal punishment of children provokes controversy

The cause of the incident was that Zheng Jun sent a document about his education of his son. Because his son lied, Zheng Jun punished his daughter by kowtowing a thousand heads. After his son knocked twohundred times, he couldn’t stand it. He asked Zheng Jun if there were any other ways, and Zheng Jun let him double set. Zheng Jun said that in the end, his son cried and said he would never lie again. Zheng Jun probably thought his education method was very good. However, many netizens questioned that Zheng Jun was physically punishing his children after reading it.

It must be right to teach children not to lie. However, Zheng Jun’s educational method still made some netizens uncomfortable. Netizens said that double play and kowtow were all within the scope of corporal punishment. Against the accusations of many netizens, Zheng Jun issued a document to explain. Zheng Jun said that kowtowing is the essence of Himalayan yoga. Meditation is a good way to cultivate children’s concentration. He denied that he was physically punishing children.

Zheng Jun explained that he had never beaten his son

Zheng Jun said that kowtow yoga and meditation are the daily activities of their father and son. He would never ask his child to do something he could not do. Zheng Jun also stressed that he had never hit his own children. This time, he taught his children only to be an honest, kind, strong and brave man. Xiaobian thinks that many people just read the text and misunderstood that Zheng Jun was committing violence. After reading Zheng Jun’s explanation, I believe the misunderstanding has been lifted now.

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