Zheng Kai’s 9million shares were frozen. What happened to Zheng Kai

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Zheng Kai has worked hard in the entertainment industry for so many years. He has already got rid of the brokerage company and started his own company. He works for himself. However, when artists set up their own companies, they also have to bear various risks. Recently, the news that Zheng Kai’s 9million shares have been frozen has been hotly searched. Many melon eaters are curious about what happened to Zheng Kai. I’ll introduce it today.

Zheng Kai’s 9million shares were frozen

Recently, netizens suddenly found that the company opened by Zheng Kai, Shanghai cheetah culture media Co., Ltd., had added equity freeze information. Zheng Kai, as the major shareholder and actual controller of the company (Zheng Kai holds 90% of the shares), also became the person to be executed. The amount of Zheng Kai’s frozen equity is 9million, and the freezing period is from June 10, 2022 to June 9, 2025. Zheng Kai’s equity was frozen because the defendant was arrested. The cause of action was a dispute over the loan contract. The Shanghai local court tried the case.

Although Zheng Kai has a deep foundation in the entertainment industry, he is also a senior artist. But this kind of news is still very unfavorable to his image in the public mind. It is a long time for the company to have loan contract disputes, but Zheng Kai, as a public figure, this kind of thing happened to him, which is very abnormal in the eyes of the public. After reading the news that Zheng Kai’s 9million shares were frozen, many netizens agreed that this was a scandal for Zheng Kai, and many netizens have worried about Miao Miao.

What happened to Zheng Kai

After all, since Miao Miao married Zheng Kai, she basically gave up her acting career and gave birth to two children. Their second child was just born. If Zheng Kai had an accident at this time, it would be very bad for Miao Miao and their two children. However, Xiaobian also urges everyone to lend money. This kind of thing will not have a great impact on Zheng Kai, nor will it affect Zheng Kai’s development in the entertainment industry.

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