Zheng Xinyi’s condition worsened, lying on the hospital bed shouting for help

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In May this year, Zheng Xinyi celebrated her 35th birthday. According to her mother’s will, she inherited her mother’s 50million yuan on this day. As a result, Zheng Xinyi was hospitalized shortly after inheriting the inheritance. Zheng Xinyi’s condition deteriorated and the situation was once critical. Zheng Xinyi lay on the hospital bed and shouted for help. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Zheng Xinyi’s condition worsened

It turned out that Zheng Xinyi suffered from acute appendicitis some time ago. After being sent to the hospital, Zheng Xinyi received emergency surgical treatment. Three holes were directly opened in the abdomen to remove the cecum. Zheng Xinyi was so painful that he shouted for help on the hospital bed. Zheng Xinyi showed her video when she was in the hospital. In the video, she was in a plain face situation. The whole person looked very haggard and felt that her mood was not very good.

Zheng Xinyi said that before she was hospitalized, in fact, her abdomen had been painful for three days. At first, she didn’t take it seriously. She thought it was just muscle pain. She would be fine in two days, so she insisted on working and recorded her new song. As a result, on the third day, Zheng Xinyi saw that her abdomen was getting more and more painful, and there was no sign of slowing down. She checked her mobile phone and found that her condition was very similar to that of cecal inflammation, so she called her agent, who rushed Zheng Xinyi to the hospital for treatment.

Zheng Xinyi shouted for help on the hospital bed

Whether before or after the surgery, Zheng Xinyi suffered a lot. Zheng Xinyi’s father, Zheng Shaoqiu, also made a rare appearance this time and went to the hospital to visit Zheng Xinyi. Zheng Xinyi is close to Zheng Shaoqiu’s love stars in recent years, and I hope Zheng Shaoqiu will give Zheng Xinyi more care at ordinary times. After all, Shen Dianxia has been away for 14 years. Zheng Xinyi is really distressing alone. As Zheng Xinyi’s biological father, Zheng Shaoqiu still has to bear the responsibility of his father.

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