Zheng Zhihua’s politicization!

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019


A few days ago, in the latest issue of “sister riding the wind and waves”, Wang Xinling sang a classic old song of Zheng Zhihua, “star lights up”.

The girls were at the scene, changing the “dirty” in the lyrics “now is a dirty day” to “sunny”, and changing the “never again” in “stars are no longer visible in the civilized sky” to “always”, which seemed to become very “politically correct”.

This triggered the indignation of author Zheng Zhihua, who sent a microblog to denounce his behavior.


These two days, many friends around me who grew up listening to Zheng Zhihua’s songs were angry about this, and proposed not to make Zheng Zhihua “politicized”, and even a friend rewritten a section of Dickens’ a tale of two cities with politically correct handwriting:

This is the best time, this is the best time; This is the age of wisdom, this is the age of wisdom; This is the era of faith, this is the era of faith; This is the season of light, this is the season of light; This is the spring of hope, this is the winter of hope; There is everything in front of people, and there is everything in front of people; People are going straight to heaven, and people are going straight to heaven.

In this regard, I persuaded a few friends that there was nothing wrong with politicizing Zheng Zhihua. Zheng Zhihua was never a popular singer. His “playmates” and “big people” both attacked the Taiwan government politically.

Our fault is that we are vulgarized in the process of politicization.

The lyrics of “stars light up” are about a child who pursues dreams, learns to lie in a gloomy society, pursues fame and wealth, and loses himself.

Until he suddenly woke up and saw the star that had been waiting for him. The light warmed the child’s heart and lit the way home.


A singer from Taiwan Province said that the sky above them was dirty. What happened? They couldn’t see the stars anymore. What happened when there were deceptions around? Isn’t this the current situation in Taiwan?

The point is that the star at home, like an old mother, has been waiting for him to light the way home for the lost child.


I won’t complain about copyright.

A good song of “Prodigal Son turning back” and “knowing his way back” was changed into a decadent sound by a group of war five scum who only knew political correctness and had no cultural level. This is the problem.

It is useless to blindly whitewash the peace and blindly engage in political correctness. What is important for people in the literary and art circles is to do a good job in the united front and win the hearts of the people.

In 1982, Comrade Xiaoping defeated Margaret Thatcher in the rich building hall of the Great Hall of the people. Huang Kaiti, an excited Hong Kong genius, wrote the impassioned “my heart in China”. In 1984, the Sino British Joint Declaration was signed to confirm the return of Hong Kong. Luo Dayou, a Taiwan genius, joined hands with Zheng Guojiang to create the “Oriental Pearl TV Tower” in tears.

Can we rely on that kind of low-level political correctness to produce such works that can directly concentrate our minds?

A truly excellent film and television work must have political content, and the author is bound to inject his political thoughts into his works.

When I was a child, when I listened to the 94 version of the ending song “love the river, love the mountains, love the beautiful people”, there was a sentence that impressed me deeply:

“From generation to generation, it is fate, flowing the same blood and drinking the same water. This road is long and long.”.

When I grew up, I realized that this slow and long-term road in the lyrics is the road of cross-strait reunification, and what is isolated is the compatriots on both sides of the Strait who flow the same blood and drink the same water, and have been a family for generations.

The lyricist subtly integrated the unity of the country and the heroes and beauties. With the popularity of TV dramas and the spread of the theme song, this inseparable feeling of compatriots has also been injected into the subconscious of the people in the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

Back to the problem of stars lighting, we should not be like teachers, pointing out and forcing the content to change. We should be like mothers, with an open mind, provide the lost children with a warm shelter from the wind and rain, and guide their way home.

The best is like water. Cultural output is usually silent, but when “the Chinese nation is in the most dangerous time”, the power of the whole nation will gush out.

There is nothing wrong with vulgarizing and entertaining the lyrics. It is only when we face a crisis and need strength and unity that we will find it can no longer be used.

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