Zhengguofanchen adopted tunnel warfare

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Ancient tunnel battle site of Ming Dynasty

Tunnel warfare has a long history in China. The earliest tunnel warfare can be traced back to the spring and Autumn period. The state of Zheng located in the Central Plains (the capital is now Xinzheng City) first used this method of warfare.

In the winter of 549 BC, Duke Chen AI, the monarch of the state of Chen, followed King Kang of Chu to lead the army against Zheng. On his way to the army, Chen Jun engaged in destructive activities, filling wells and cutting trees, which caused great harm to the state of Zheng. The people of the state of Zheng could not swallow this tone and vowed to take revenge. In June 548 BC, after half a year of hard work, the ruling Zizhan and shaozhengzi of the state of Zheng produced 700 chariots. In this battle, the state of Zheng successfully used tunnel warfare.

Digging tunnels has a tradition in the state of Zheng. In those days, Duke Zheng Zhuang was so angry with his brother for his mother’s support for his rebellion that he swore that “there is no way to meet him. Later, under the mediation of a kind-hearted man, uncle Ying Kao, he restored his family ties with his mother by” digging the ground to see his mother “. This touching meeting of” mother and son as before “was completed by digging tunnels, which was historically known as” meeting in a cave and a spring through a tunnel “. “Tunnel” means digging a tunnel. It can be seen that Zheng people used this technology early. However, the use of tunnel technology in the war is still the battle against Chen. According to historical records, “the city of Chen was invaded at night”, and Zheng army launched an attack at night and attacked the city of Chen at one fell swoop. How to attack? It depends on “sudden”. What does “Tu” mean? In the book Mozi of the Warring States period, the siege methods used at that time were summarized into 12 kinds, of which “cave”, “sudden” and “hollow” refer to the methods of tunnel warfare. Du Yu, a great Confucian scholar in the Western Jin Dynasty, commented on this passage in the Zuo Zhuan as “sudden, penetrating.” That is to say, the army of the state of Zheng crossed the city wall by digging tunnels and captured the capital of the state of Chen.

The army of the state of Zheng appeared like a heavenly force, which frightened the unsuspecting people of the state of Chen and fled in all directions. The monarch, Duke Chen AI, helped the crown prince in a panic and plunged into the gloomy and terrible mass graves. Fortunately, he met Sima Huanzi, a doctor. Duke Chen AI shouted: “come and save me!” Sima Huanzi just ran for his own life. He didn’t care about the monarch. He made up a lie and said, “I’m sorry, your majesty, I have to patrol the city!” After that, he slipped away.

Chen AI’s justice is in trouble. He meets his minister Jia Huo, who is more kind than the slippery Sima Huanzi. At the sight of the emperor, without saying a word, he drives off all the old women and wives in his car and generously gives the car to Chen AI. Moved to tears, Duke Chen AI said that he would help Jia Huo and his family to overcome difficulties. Jiahuo said firmly, “how can this be? It’s unlucky for you to ride with a woman!” With that, he and his wife helped the old mother to hide in the grave, but did not think that this toss had escaped the disaster.

When the army of the state of Zheng defeated Chen, it did not destroy the city like the army of the state of Chen. Instead, it acted as a civilized army everywhere. Zizhan ordered the army not to enter Duke Chen AI’s palace, and he and Zichan personally “guard against death” at the gate of the palace. Deeply moved, Duke Chen AI asked Sima Huanzi to present the sacrificial vessels of the ancestral temple to them, put on mourning clothes, hold the memorial tablet of the owner, and let the men and women under his command arrange and bind separately, waiting for the army of the state of Zheng to come down.

The people of the state of Zheng once again demonstrated the style of a modest gentleman. Zizhan took the reins of his horse to meet with Duke Chen AI, bowed down again, and held a wine cup to offer a gift to Duke Chen AI. Zichan came in and counted the number of prisoners and then retired. Later, the people of the state of Zheng prayed to the owners of the state of Chen to eliminate disasters and evil spirits. Situ, Sima and Sikong returned the people, military talisman and land to the state of Chen respectively. Zheng had achieved his goal in this war, so he went back to his country.

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