Zhengyecheng studio issued a lawyer’s statement to investigate the legal responsibility of the rumor monger

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Zhengyecheng is loved by many netizens with his good wishes to yuanbingyan. However, Zheng Yecheng, who became popular, was also slandered by many black fans. Zhengyecheng’s studio issued a lawyer’s statement, saying that it would investigate the legal responsibility of the rumor mongers. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Lawyer statement issued by zhengyecheng studio

Stars are attacked by black fans on the Internet. In fact, it is very common in the entertainment industry. However, these black fans should not dance too exaggerated. Stars turn a blind eye to them. This time, Zheng Yecheng’s studio issued a lawyer to declare that the rumor mongers should be investigated for legal responsibility. It is also because these black fans are too rampant. Their behavior has seriously affected Zheng Yecheng’s personal image.

In fact, it is a necessary process for a star to be blackmailed after becoming popular, but the stars can’t just sit back and fight back, otherwise the black fans will be more unscrupulous and the fans will be disappointed. This time, Zheng Yecheng’s studio issued a lawyer’s statement. In fact, some fans are not happy that the studio’s action is too slow. They think that it should have issued a lawyer’s statement long ago. If Zheng Yecheng had sent it early, he would not have been hacked into what he is now.

Zhengyechengfang will investigate the legal responsibility of the rumor monger

Although zhengyecheng has been on the road for a long time, this year he won everyone’s love by virtue of Zhu Qinghao. Before that, zhengyecheng had run the online drama dragon suit for a long time, and his performing arts career has just entered the ranks of development. At this time, the studio should also ensure that zhengyecheng will not be influenced by black powder. After gaining popularity, zhengyecheng has recently been invited to shoot several variety shows. Zheng Yecheng and Qin Lan’s play yinniang was only finished some time ago. He still has a year to live. I also hope you can pay attention to zhengyecheng and support his new works.

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