Zhengzhou red code, why particularly terrible!

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The Zhengzhou red code incident was another uproar of Internet public opinion. Compared with the opening of the Tangshan beating incident, people know that the collusion of some people in the public security organs is the root cause of the long-term tyranny of the underworld and evil forces. In recent years, Tangshan has been sacked one after another from the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, the mayor, the vice mayor to senior officials of the public security organs and the judiciary. All the directors of the public security sub bureaus have been spared. It can be seen how bad it is.

What makes people feel very terrible is that one absurd and bizarre incident after another has reached a level that is beyond investigation. This reflects that many of our officials have no bottom line. After being bribed by capital, they can give up any principle. Morality, conscience, fairness, justice, law and discipline, and natural justice can all be sold out, even worse than the running dogs of the capitalists in western countries.

The Zhengzhou red code incident is like this. Since November 2020, depositors have successively purchased deposit products issued by Yuzhou new Minsheng village bank, Kaifeng new Dongfang village bank and Zhecheng Huanghuai village bank on Internet platforms such as Du Xiaoman and bank wechat applet. In April, it was found that these deposits could not be withdrawn. The number of depositors reached about 400000, involving about 40billion yuan.

Depositors across the country who could not withdraw cash online wanted to go to local outlets in Henan to withdraw cash and protect their rights. Strangely, when these depositors arrive in Henan, or scan the location code of Henan, their health code without exception becomes a red code. They are required to isolate or return. After returning, the red code can become a green code. Obviously, someone in the epidemic prevention department is colluding with some forces.

A number of media have interviewed many people whose health code suddenly became red. They all have a common identity, that is, depositors of some rural banks in Henan. Previously, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission said that Henan new wealth group, the shareholder of the four rural banks, absorbed public funds through internal and external collusion, using third-party platforms and fund brokers, and was suspected of committing crimes. The public security organ has filed a case for investigation.

The public security organ preliminarily found that since 2011, a criminal gang headed by Lu, the actual controller of the company, was suspected of using rural banks to commit a series of serious crimes. At present, positive progress has been made in the investigation of the case. The public security organs have arrested a number of suspect and sealed up, detained and frozen a number of funds and assets involved in the case according to law. Xuchang Public Security Bureau said that the case took a long time, involved many people and was very complicated.

It is gratifying that the Zhengzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection immediately launched the investigation and accountability procedures. According to the investigation, fengxianbin, executive deputy secretary of the political and Legal Affairs Commission of Zhengzhou municipal Party committee, zhanglinlin, Secretary of the Youth League municipal Party committee, Zhaoyong, director of the stability maintenance guidance office of the political and Legal Affairs Commission of Zhengzhou municipal Party committee, Chenchong, leader of the Municipal Health Code management team, yangyaohuan, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou big data Development Co., Ltd., colluded to assign red codes to depositors’ code scanning personnel in Zhengzhou.

According to statistics, a total of 1317 rural bank depositors were given red codes, of which 446 were given red codes when they entered Zheng and 871 were given red codes when they were not in Zheng but sent by others. This is tantamount to saying that these officials colluded with criminal gangs, borrowed the public power and resources to fight the epidemic, provided cover for the financial fraud criminal gangs, helped them and intercepted the masses.

The circular mentioned that the above-mentioned cadres violated the measures of Henan Province for the management of health codes for the prevention and control of COVID-19, and Feng Xianbin was given the punishment of removing his party and government posts in accordance with the regulations of the Communist Party of China on disciplinary measures and the law of the people’s Republic of China on administrative sanctions against public officials; Zhang Linlin was severely warned within the party and demoted in government affairs; Chen Chong’s administrative record of major demerits; Penalty for demerit recording of Yang and Zhao.

I think the punishment is too light. We should check who entrusted these people and whether they took bribes. They colluded with criminal gangs, used public power to prevent the masses from reflecting problems and jointly defending their rights, and bought time for criminals to transfer assets and cover up criminal facts. They should be punished by criminal law as accomplices and accomplices. It’s funny to call them comrades.

These people are no longer like Communists. They do not serve the people at all. Instead, they steal the trust and authorization of the people and serve the capitalists and criminals. These people should be resolutely expelled from the party. And not to engage in public office for life, which is the correct and reasonable punishment. A drunk driver can be banned from driving for life. How can these daring things remain in the party?

For unintentional mistakes and good intentions, they can be punished to stay in the party. But for these scum, assholes and scum who openly use public power to escort criminal gangs, criminals and evil capitalists, they are also called comrades and still retain party membership. This can not convince people and the public. At least, it can not convince millions of people like me.

The two incidents of beating people in Tangshan and the red code in Zhengzhou have shown us that many of our officials have no bottom line at all. This is the most terrible place in society. The directors of some public security sub bureaus in Tangshan are almost the same as cats and mice. They have long sheltered financial fraud, underworld crimes, murder cases, recidivists at large, and directly participated in the case of buying a place to rape a child, becoming a coal mine boss, etc.

Police and bandits, cats and mice, snakes and mice, and political and commercial gangs. This phenomenon is very common in China, which can be said to be a wonder in the history of human politics. There are three reasons for this situation: first, the Chinese have lost the traditional Chinese virtue system education from childhood, and many people lack self moral restraint. Second, many party members’ red beliefs have not really been established.

Among many bad officials, serving the people wholeheartedly has become an empty talk, a slogan and a cover. They do not have the awe caused by a belief. Third, our country’s supervision system for public power is not perfect, the system is not complete, and the most important people’s supervision has not been implemented, which makes many officials lack a real fear of the law.

There are a large number of officials who only recognize money because of their weakness, carelessness and insensibility. As a result, some of China’s “three without one” officials have become the best bribes, the most hardworking and the most bottomless corrupt people in the world. Therefore, the quickest and simplest financial fraud to obtain wealth takes advantage of it. They can always abscond for several years and disappear. Why?

Because the mouse gave the cat benefits, the cat deliberately tipped off the news, deliberately raised his hand, and deliberately failed to solve a case. Some fat cats get amazing benefits from it. As a result, the people have no choice but to lose their money, lose their wealth, break up their wives and children, and lose their families. In fact, they are endowed with the eternal red code of life. The terrible thing about Zhengzhou red code is that the people have no place to apply for grievances and no place to complain about grievances.

They can meet the visible and invisible Zhengzhou red code everywhere. The people are really suffering. They have been cheated and killed, and there is no place for them to appeal, because many places, in the name of maintaining stability, not only do not actively investigate cases and make decisions for the people, but restrict the way the people speak everywhere. Even the news organizations are silent about this. As a result, all kinds of financial fraud emerge in endlessly, and the people are miserable.

If high-level leaders send people to pay private visits to the people who have been defrauded by financial fraud, you will know that the happiness that the party and the government have been trying to bring to the people for many years has been deprived of by this crime. The pain of the people is really bloody and tearful. In China, all kinds of financial fraud crimes involve no less than hundreds of millions of people.

Therefore, I appeal to pay the same attention to financial fraud cases as homicide cases, list them as a rigid assessment and evaluation standard, and implement a one vote veto system. If the case cannot be solved within a time limit, the top leaders of the local financial regulatory agencies and public security agencies must be removed from their posts, and this problem will be greatly alleviated. I really hope that such a voice can be heard by the senior leaders who are in public day and night.

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