Zhong Chuxi was scolded for the large scale of driving content in an interview

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The TV series “lost in Kunlun market” starring Zhong Chuxi and Xu Kai was broadcasted online. The two people did publicity for the play and also accepted interviews with the media. Zhong Chuxi accepted the interview and drove. The content scale was really large. After the program was broadcast, Zhong Chuxi was bombarded by many netizens. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Zhong Chuxi accepts interview and drives

During the interview, Xu Kai mentioned that Zhong Chuxi used a hair dryer to blow her hair. Zhong Chuxi smiled and asked Xu Kai what he meant, so that Xu Kai’s words should be more precise. The reporter also mentioned Xu Kai’s nickname Ding Ding in the play. As a result, Zhong Chuxi, who was sitting on the side, looked very funny and even laughed with his face covered in embarrassment. So Zhong Chuxi obviously thought of something bad when she heard Ding Ding.

When the reporter asked how old the two sides were in their hearts, Zhong Chuxi unexpectedly replied that they could be big or small and were very flexible. He also smiled and said to Xu Kai that he was praising him. Zhong Chuxi said that she trembled when she saw Xu Kai. Xu Kai said solemnly that her legs could not be opened, and the whole person was stiff. Unexpectedly, Zhong Chuxi teased Xu Kai that his legs were always pinched tightly, and even laughed at Xu Kai, which made Xu Kai very embarrassed and shouted & ldquo; You go away;.

Zhong Chuxi was scolded for his large interview scale

After watching this interview, all the netizens said that Xu Kai was very serious throughout the interview. As a result, Zhong Chuxi always wanted to drive and say something about playing the ball, which made Xu Kai very embarrassed. Moreover, netizens also said that it was not the first time for Zhong Chuxi to drive. When he was interviewed with Chen Weiting in the film cooperation, he also spoke some yellow tunes. Chen Weiting was able to catch Zhong Chuxi’s words at that time, but Xu Kai was obviously flustered by Zhong Chuxi, and netizens were also very speechless about Zhong Chuxi’s behavior.

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