Zhou Dongyu’s new film failed, with a box office of only 14.2 million in the three days after its release

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In recent years, Zhou Dongyu has been hailed as the new box office panacea by many people. She is considered to be the best developed female artist in the film industry among the new generation of female artists. But the recent release of Zhou Dongyu’s new film seems to break this argument. Zhou Dongyu’s new film failed. The film was released for three days, and the box office was only 14.2 million. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Zhou Dongyu’s new film failed

The movie starring Zhou Dongyu, you are my spring, is about the theme of anti epidemic movies. But the box office is very poor, and the comments of netizens are not very good. So many netizens began to sing down Zhou Dongyu, thinking that she was a box office panacea. But Xiaobian thinks this statement is not right. You are the big star invited by my spring, not Zhou Dongyu alone. The film also includes Huang Xiaoming, Wang Jingchun, Song Jia, Zhang Ziyi, Xiao Yang, Zhang Zifeng, Chen Baoguo and others. In this movie, no star has many outstanding roles.

You are my spring story, which is divided into five small units. It can be said that this film is a composite film. It’s difficult for movie fans to watch such a film alone, and you are my spring without much publicity. For these stars, you are my spring seems to be a mission play. Everyone just finished shooting quietly, and many stars participating in the show didn’t even have publicity.

Zhou Dongyu’s new film has a poor box office

And Xiaobian thinks that Zhou Dongyu’s acting skills in this film are still very good, that is, he plays normally and doesn’t fall off the chain. It’s just that these five stories, in terms of many emotional processing, make many viewers unable to resonate. When you encounter this problem in the epidemic, you may have other choices. And to be honest, who wants to see the epidemic movie during the epidemic? Many people are expected to avoid you. It’s my spring to see some movie themes that make you relaxed.

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