Zhou’s years are quiet. Who is carrying the weight?

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Author: ye Lihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Hong Kong director Mike Madonna hung originally made a film called “black gold”, in which there was a supporting actor who spoke a classic line.

“I often tell experts that Mr. Zhou is my idol. There is no need to do the project by himself. First, subcontract it, transfer it to 5678, and then collude with the construction department to increase the budget. When a 1billion project comes down, I think Mr. Zhou should at least take away 700million first.”

The supporting actor, Mr. Zhou, is the protagonist of the film. The protagonist is quiet every day because the road builders and the construction department in the film are moving forward with heavy loads.

This is a basic principle. You can feel that when the years are quiet, someone must be moving forward with a load. Similarly, when you feel that someone is moving forward with a load, someone must be quiet and good in the years.

A Zhou in Nanchang, maybe we can also call him chairman Zhou. He sends a circle of friends every day, showing off that the provincial leaders give him cigarettes, showing off that he eats with the senior executives of some enterprises, and showing off how the unit takes care of him.

Showing off that something happened, someone posted it online, which triggered public opinion, so Jiangxi state control went to check the matter and made a notice.

It’s OK not to announce it. After reading this bulletin, I felt something wrong. Zhou’s father was a level 4 researcher with deputy department level treatment. His mother used to work in the enterprise and has retired.


From 2006 to 2022, the family of cadres with deputy department level treatment purchased six houses, totaling 705 square meters, with an average of less than 120 houses.

There are also two shops, with a total area of about 83 square meters. The total purchase price of the house property at home is more than 8.4 million yuan, of which more than 2.5 million yuan is a loan.


Then the problem comes, that is to say, the non loan part is about 5.9 million yuan. For the convenience of calculation, we calculate 6million yuan. From 2006 to 2022, it will take 16 years in total. After one year, it will take an average of 375000 yuan to save this 6million yuan.

Zhou’s father is a four-level researcher and works in the system. Zhou’s mother didn’t work in a private enterprise before retirement. She was a state-owned enterprise and a deputy manager of Nanchang Changyun passenger transport company.

A system, a state-owned enterprise, needs to save 6million yuan in 16 years and 375000 yuan a year, not counting our two salary increases.

Around 2011, there was a salary increase in the system, which adjusted the original salary of more than 1000 to several thousand. Before that, Zhou Fu, the chief staff member, was paid 1800 yuan a month, and the provident fund was 200. His mother was treated equally. The monthly salary plus the provident fund was 2000 yuan, and the monthly income of a family was 4000 yuan.

From 2006 to 2012, a total of 6 years, 4000 a month, 48000 yuan a year, 288000 yuan for 6 years. Even if the family doesn’t eat or drink, they can save 300000 yuan in 6 years.

In the remaining ten years, 5.7 million yuan will be saved.

Even if Zhou’s mother’s treatment after retirement is the same, it is completely retained. Zhou’s father has been treated as a four-level researcher since 2013, with a maximum of 8000, a provident fund of 2000, and Zhou’s mother’s treatment is the same, with an overall monthly income of 10000 yuan.

The income of a family is 20000 a month, 240000 a year and 2.4 million a decade. If you don’t eat or drink, you can save 2.4 million yuan, plus the previous 300000 yuan, which is 2.7 million yuan.

Then I have to ask, how did you buy a house with a purchase price of 5.9 million, close to 6million?

After saving for 16 years and 2.7 million yuan, where did you get the money to buy 6million houses?

I’m not saying that this announcement is not rigorous, because it is no longer within the scope of rigor. I calculated it with a moderate salary, and the result is such a big gap.

The investigation and research should at least consider our actual situation. It needs to be explained whether the highway transportation administration originally had a small Treasury to pay employees every year, or whether Nanchang passenger transport company made a lot of money and paid employees every year.

The highway transportation administration has a small Treasury and pays money every year, which is unlikely. After all, as an organ and institution, the highway transportation administration can’t do things that are so easy to violate crimes and eat in prison.

There is only one possibility, that is, Nanchang passenger transport is very profitable, with a share of 2.3 million in 16 years.


? the picture is taken from futu Niuniu

Jiangxi passenger transport is at least a listed enterprise, with a profit of more than 11 million yuan a year, which can be found. The total number of employees is more than 10000, which can also be found.

Our imagination is a little bigger. Even if Jiangxi passenger transport has made an annual profit of 50million yuan in the past 16 years, the cumulative profit in the past 16 years is 80million yuan, or 800 million yuan. There are 10000 employees in total, and one person can only get 80000 yuan.

Not to mention that these profits should be distributed to investors who speculate in stocks. In some years, there is no profit.

Zhou’s father’s salary is not enough for the gap of more than 2 million yuan, and Zhou’s mother’s is not enough. How to fill the gap of more than 2 million yuan?

Huh? I just want to ask, how did you make up for it? Where did you get so much money to buy these houses?

As soon as Zhou’s father and mother retire, how much is the rent for these six houses and two shops? Even if you live in one set, Zhou lives in one set, and there are four sets. The monthly rent is 2000 yuan, and there is still 8000 income.

The shops are 30000 a year, and the two shops add up to 60000. Plus the rent, the small income is 70000.

Not to mention the pension, Zhou’s father’s pension is 6000 and Zhou’s mother’s pension is 4000. They don’t do anything and lie down for a year to earn 80000 years. It’s quiet.

So who is carrying the weight of the gap of more than 2 million?

This is not a sentence that can be explained by complying with the promotion regulations. There is no regulation that 2million people will be transferred to the fourth transfer. No.

Zhou proudly despised the students who studied well in his circle of friends, and those who studied well went to big cities without landing.

If he is allowed to pass the test in this way, and it is settled safely, I am afraid I will chill the hearts of scholars all over the world.

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