Zhu Changluo died in the Ming Palace mystery (was Zhu Changluo murdered)

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At the end of the Ming Dynasty, there were three major suspicious cases in the court, namely, the case of stile attack, the case of red pill and the case of moving the palace. These three cases were all inextricably linked with a person, who was Zhu Changluo, the Emperor of Taichang. Zhu Changluo is the son of Wanli, and he is also an unwelcome son. However, he still became the emperor of the Ming Dynasty after Wanli. Unfortunately, the emperor passed away before he was hot.

He is the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Why did he let himself fall into three major mysteries and finally die in a hurry?



Wanli had no legitimate son at that time, so under normal circumstances, he would establish the eldest son as the successor, which is also what the ministers expected. Then the natural candidate is Zhu Changluo, who has such an advantage.

But Wanli doesn’t like him very much, because his mother is only a maid. Wanli is very taboo about this, and even doesn’t admit it. Wanli himself likes Concubine Zheng. It happens that Concubine Zheng also gave birth to a son, the third child, Zhu Changxun. Wanli hopes to establish this third child.

However, it was unexpected that the Minister of Civil and Military Affairs of the Manchu Dynasty opposed it vigorously and called it against customization. In this way, Zhu Changluo did not understand why the minister and his father Wanli could quarrel for 15 years over this matter, which was the main reason why Wanli did not go to court for a long time. It is called “the struggle for the foundation of the country” in the history books. It is puzzling that because of this, four cabinet leaders and dozens of officials were dismissed, dismissed and even sent to exile. But Wanli finally compromised.

One day in the forty-third year of the Wanli era, a strange thing happened in the capital. At this time, Zhu Changluo was already the prince, but his position was not stable. On this day, a man unexpectedly broke into the prince’s palace and beat everyone. After questioning, it was revealed that Princess Zheng was related to the case. This is the shocking case of stile attack, but this matter was finally hastily settled. That is to say, the person behind the attack, Zhang Chai, was executed. The person behind the attack was not found out, but everyone at that time knew that this matter was related to Princess Zheng.

After Wanli died, Zhu Changluo ascended the throne. At first, he had no problem, but it didn’t happen that he could not get up in a few days. Emperor Taichang was seriously ill, and he called the internal official Cui Wensheng to treat the disease. But after taking the medicine, the emperor did not get better, but worse. Finally, after taking the elixir that Li Keshao, the prime minister of Honglu Temple, thought himself, he died. At this time, he inherited the throne for a whole month. The court case caused by the “red pill” is known as the “red pill case” in history.

The impact of these two major cases is very large, but they are both so confused that it gives people the impression that there is nothing to be solved, and there are countless links between the two major suspects and Princess Zheng. But Zhu Changluo seems to have been born in the royal family and became an emperor, which is the happiest thing in the eyes of ordinary people.

Indeed, on the surface, this is true, but Zhu Changluo has not received much care since he was born. His father does not want to see him, and even it is very difficult for his mother and son to meet him. Because the emperor does not want to see him, it naturally brings cold gossip and indifference in the palace, which is a blow to his young heart.

His father could fight with the minister for more than ten years in order not to let him be the prince. What does this mean for a son like him?

Even if Zhu Changluo became the emperor, he was already exhausted, so Zhu Changluo’s death was a result of a comprehensive effect.

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